Have you seen this half-frowny, half-confused  face on any of your apps’ YouTube Module?

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 7.44.26 PM

It is Google/ YouTube’s way to say, “Hey Dude! It’s time to upgrade to the new API version!

And we’ve done it!

As always, we are working behind the scenes to keep your apps up-to-date with the latest APIs and programming.

If you missed it, way back in 2012 Google created a new API (version 3) that developers could optionally utilize. We chose to utilize the still active Version 2 at that time because many older phones would not be able to view video pulled with Version 3. We were — and still are —  looking out for you and your users.

However, it is no longer optional, so we have updated to the VersionIMG_1786 3 API.  Unfortunately, a handful of older phones will not be able to view the Youtube videos. But newer models will have enhanced viewing and more videos than were once allowed.

For example, in the past you could pull only 20 videos from YouTube
… but now your users will have unlimited videos (with your niche keyword) at their fingertips! When they scroll, more videos are loaded. That’s awesome, and will keep users in your app for longer periods of time. And, we all know what happens when a user loves your app! They keep it forever!

So, what do you do now?

It’s simple … just head on over to http://console.developers.google.com and grab a free YouTube API key. Then  edit your apps that have a YouTube Search module, and paste that key into the appropriate form field and Voilà! It’s done!

And for those who want the in-depth step-by-step training, you’ll find it in your member area here: http://skybuilder.net/members/pdfs/YouTube_update.pdf

As always contact Support should you have any questions!