Do you remember the old Western movies where the cowboy rides off into the sunset leaving you satisfied they’d achieved their goal – whatever that was? As a kid, I always wondered where they were going next, but they didn’t pause the credits to answer me…they just kept right on riding away into the sunset.

Sunsetting Windows Platform
Sadly, the Windows Phone app platform has met a similar fate. The final credits are rolling because it’s dead weight. We just wanted to give you a heads-up that we’re sunsetting the Window’s app platform – and we’re happy to tell you why and where we’re going next!

OMG! Why?
It is simply a logical business decision based on the continued decline of the window phone usage. This decision allows us to dedicate resources to the other larger platforms. Each day we review the logs of apps created and the Windows platform is not getting much love from the majority of Skybuilders. For those who are using the platform, you may read details of the decline from tech news sources – just do a Google search. Take a look at this graphic from Gartner showing the pitiable status of Windows Phone sales.


Citing a report first published by Gartner, provides the following insight. “Microsoft, who is making a hard swing to the much smaller enterprise smartphone market, has earlier said they expect Windows Phone sales to deteriorate further in Q2 2016, meaning Microsoft may soon vie with Blackberry for which “major” smartphone operating system has the lowest market share.” This summation leaves one to wonder if the funeral dirge depicted in this article is actually a prescient vision! Crystal ball, anyone?

So, What Now?
Taking all things into consideration…

Well, we can’t speak for Microsoft. However, on the Skybuilder side, we will be sunsetting the Windows Phone platform at the end of October, given the fact that the platform’s market share has reduced below 1% as the tech news sources indicates. This shift will allow us to allocate resources to Android, iOS, and overall features to better serve you. The bottom line is that with the ability to allocate more resources to the more popular platforms and features, we will take Skybuilder to the next level of efficiency. So, keep your eyes on the blog for more news about what’s coming up next!

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