ar136545081428555The Skybuilder dev team is like Santa’s workshop these days … busy, busy, busy getting ready for the unveiling of the big annual Skybuilder update that takes place each summer.


The Skybuilder team is ready to roll out massive updates to our program to make it even more powerful than ever!

Many of the changes are a result of Skybuilder members’ input, and we want you to know how much we appreciate your interest in making Skybuilder the most progressive app building program in the industry. So a big shout out to all of you guys who have shared your “boots on the ground” suggestions! THANK YOU!

Introducing the Skybuilder Terra Upgrade!

The Terra Upgraded Interface: Your app building program has never been easier to use and managing your app portfolio never as to navigate! You will be blown away with the new WYSIWYG interface.

facebook29 Configure With Facebook: With just a click of a button after selecting the FB page, several modules will be auto-configured with information from your client’s Facebook page! Of course, you may edit these modules, if necessary. Within 10 minutes you could create an app that is cohesive with your client’s online presence!

notifyBeacons: Our new Geo-locations module will drive traffic to your SMB client’s places of business just by driving or walking by!

group44Sweepstakes: Finding a way to obtain a user’s email address has been a mystery for app builders. No more! Now you have the ability to create Sweepstake/Contests and build your list.

touch-screen2iPad Optimized Apps. Yes, your apps have been working on iPads, however, they weren’t optimized for iPad. Now they are!

aQuiz Maker : The potential is unlimited! Now you can create viral apps that people love to share!


Photos 2.0 / Youtube 2.0: We’ve taken our photos and Youtube modules to a higher level with state-of-the-art integration for a more professional appearance.

smartphone1Premium Splash Page Images: No longer do you need to worry about creating app background images in the right size and resolution. We’ve created 100’s of images you may access right from the program, free for our members’ use!

paint88Mellow Theme: You’ll love our new theme that offers a faster response time and unlimited design variations.

Phew! That’s a lot of new features and I know you’re eager to get your hands on the new Terra Upgrade. But there’s more!

We’ve dug around in places you may never have heard of to bring you a ton of information to help build your app business. You’ll find them in your member area after your Terra upgrade has completed:

dollar185THE $80 THOUSAND DOLLAR NICHE APP CASE STUDY: Our Secret list of new business and app Niches which some people have already started to break ground with and make thousands!

info28DONE FOR YOU GUIDE TO BRANDING YOURSELF: Your own guide to everything you need to how to set yourself up as a million dollar looking business in just a few days.

documents7SMB SPECIAL GUIDE: UNTAPPED AND NEW BUSINESS TO GO AFTER! Your private list of 10 fresh SMB categories, which have exploded in the last months and hungry to grow their businesses through apps!

WOW! Is your head spinning? Ours is, too! We’ve really packed a wallop into the Terra Upgrade and if you’re already a Skybuilder member you’ll be automatically upgraded for free the minute it goes live!

If you’re not a Skybuilder member and want to take advantage of this opportunity, CLICK HERE! We’re happy to let you take a peek on the inside!