You Spoke; We Listened!
Now let us all Shout!

chatShout it out! Skybuilders may now create apps with a Chat Wall module. This new module, which will be available later this week will add value to your apps, and encourage usability.

As always the Skybuilder team listens to our clients, and one of the features most asked for is a way to communicate within the app.

So what’s the big deal with a chat wall?

  • A chat wall will encourage users to communicate with you and each other.
  • It will make your app Sticky! Users will actually use your app instead of letting it sit there and collect cyber dust.
  • It will help build community. When a group of people is excited about your products or your app, a buzz is generated. Buzz generates more excitement. A phenomenon called “viral advertising” happens and more people will download your app.
  • Your app will be unique! The Shoutbox module is a complete chat application that your app users can utilize to interact with you and other visitors without having to close out the app.
  • Your app becomes more than just an “info” app; suddenly it is no longer a “static” app; it’s alive providing a reason for your users to continue to use the app even after they’ve absorbed the information.
  • Want a new, nonintrusive way to monetize? While you certainly do not want to irritate and agitate your users, this is a good way to remind them of specials, deals, and discounts.

For those Skybuilders who create SMB (small IMG_1925business) apps, think of the appeal this will have for your clients. They will love it! Offer to update their app to include the Shoutbox and customize it for their business.

You will find a tutorial in your member training area that will take you through the setup process. As always, should you have any questions, contact our support team:

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