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Season’s Greetings & Introducing the Skybuilder Preview App:

Although building a quality app is a complex process and takes some thought, we’re always on the lookout of your requests to make things easier. One of the questions SkyBuilders regularly ask & request from us is to make previews on iPhones immediate for anyone and any device.

If you’ve built an app in the last few days you probably noticed something new in the SB compile module. Looks like this:

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 6.08.30 PM

So, what is it?


‘Tis the Season for gifting….and that little “shortcode” is our special Christmas gift to you, our wonderful Skybuilder client.

SkyBuilder’s Preview app is a new free tool that gives you the ability to preview any of your apps (before publishing) on any of your iOS devices to make sure everything is to your expectations.

All you need to do is to login with your app’s shortcode in your app’s console and you’re in! And, like the screenshot above, the shortcode is created when you compile an app to preview.


Our preview app is designed to allow SkyBuilder users to preview their app through an emulator, therefore allowing them to share with end customers who may not have their UDID or Test-Flight registered. (Keep in mind that certain features such as push notifications will need the full app installed)

All you need to do to get started is to do a new build of your app to reflect your changes, then imply enter a shortcode. That’s it. Each app you create will have its own shortcode. Just plug it into the Skybuilder Preview app and viola! Your app appears on the device.

Want to preview another? Just shake the app to return and enter another preview shortcode, if desired.

Think about what this will mean to your SMB business!

A large number of our users work with small businesses to create apps for them. Asking the small business owner to find & share their UDID can often cause user errors, which we’re hoping to minimize with this app. Instead of asking your small business client to jump through UDID or Test-Flight hoops, now all that’s required is a quick download of our FREE Skybuilder Preview app. Plugin the Shortcode … their app appears right before their eyes. No hassle. No pain. No trying to figure things out. It’s a win/win deal.

So how do you get the Skybuilder Preview App? Just search for SkyBuilder on you iDevice or download it from iTunes right onto your iPhone or iPad. It’s as simple as that.

Do you have to use it?

Nah … you can keep right on doing it the other way. We’re easy. 🙂

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