Want Password Protected Apps? You Got it!

Call it an early holiday gift if you’d like … but youpw-gift asked…and we listened!

Skybuilder clients now have the option to add password protection to appropriate apps. This feature will be beneficial for many niche and small business apps.

For example, your SMB client  may have an in-house app that only certain people should be able to access.

tick_64Done! Our new Password module allows you to offer this feature!  Simply select and customize the Password Protection module.

Or perhaps you have a “members only” niche where you’d like to offer members exclusive access to the app.

tick_64Done! Now all you need to do is build out your app with your proprietary data … and set up the password module.

Simple to Setup!

Once the module is selected, click on the Customize button to activate it. A new password dashboard will appear in your App Tools area where yimage (2)ou may manage/add/remove passwords for your team (i.e., those who should have access to the app).

For new apps, simply select the module and set up your password(s). Compile and test the app as you normally do.

For existing apps, you will need to rebuild the app once to add the module; after that, however,  all changes are server-side. You can add new members at any time without a rebuild.

How cool is that?

Questions? Contact our friendly support staff … support@skybuilder.net

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