countdownYou asked for it … and the new Countdown Module is here!

Since the beginning of time people are interested in knowing when an event is going to happen for various reasons — they’re excited and can hardly wait; they want to be the first to know or the first in line; they simply don’t want to forget … the list goes on.

For marketers, it is a good way to build excitement and anticipation in the release of a product or a big sale.

For celebrities, it’s a good way to build interest in their next book release, movie or song title.

For organizations, its one of the best ways to create interest in an event that’s sure to draw attention to their cause.

So now you have it … the ability to include a popular module in your apps with the New Countdown Feature that’s available now in your Skybuilder program.

Want to know more about the New Countdown Module? Login to your Skybuilder Member Area and download the PDF file from the Training Vault … then head over to your awesome SB app building program and add it to a new or existing app to make it even more popular!

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