Theme Choices

There are currently nine themes to choose from in order to give your apps a unique look and feel. Each theme has multiple styling options so, as a Skybuilder, your apps will never have a “cookie cutter” appearance. To choose a theme, click on the Select Theme module in the sidebar of your app builder interface.

This opens up a screen where you can create the look and feel of your app. We currently have 9 Customizable Themes:

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 7.53.41 PM

Each of these comes with preset theme options, and you may also customize the options for each.

NOTE: While the older themes SBInvision, Elixr21 and ColdChillina will work on very simple apps, we advise that you use the latest themes lot more speed/efficiency updates incorporated into them which we can not update into the older themes.Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 12.10.22 PM

SBInvision Theme

The SBInvision is our original theme with tabs at the bottom of the screen and a “More” page where other modules are listed.

You may add contact, direction and email buttons over the splash screen, if desired. Since our example is a niche app, we do not need the buttons. Normally, you would only use those buttons for SMB apps. To leave the buttons off, just skip that section of customization.

If you choose to add a logo, it will appear at the top of the page. In this  app, we decided to forego the logo and add the  topic as part of the Splash Screen.

Elixr21 Theme


elixrThe Elixr21 Theme features primary buttons as a layer over your splash page image, a More page and a bottom navigation bar. This design is very versatile and offers a professional look and feel to your app.


To install Elixr21, follow the same steps as above, noting the specific graphic image size that must be used. Like the Cool Chillin theme you may customize your colors and fonts to suit your mood.


The four Splash Page button are the first four modules in your module order.

Best Practice: Upload a logo to make it a very “uniquely yours” look and feel to your apps. Installing a logo is quick and easy and will immediately give your app a finished, professional appearance.

ColdChillin’ Theme

The ColdChillin design is a nice design with an optional transparent logo. The splash screen Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 12.26.58 PMbuttons are located near/at the bottom of the screen and at the top you will see a very unobtrusive navigation bar.

Under the “Main and Home” link you may upload your own transparent background logo to sit as a layer on the splash screen of the ColdChillin’ theme.

NOTE: The logo should be 700×200 pixels. It should also be a transparent .gif or .png image as it will be at the top of the Splash page … not in the top menu bar. A “png” image will allow the Splash Page background to show through. On this example, we have used a splash screen that included the “Dollywood” logo, so we opted not to upload a logo.

Clicking on the Nav Bar at the top left will open up a navigation wall where all of your modules will be listed.

Black Diamond Theme


image013The Black Diamond Theme mimics the native Android “look and feel”, and has some really cool features, such as “cards” for RSS modules, which mimic the Google Now cards.

This theme has pizzazz that will make your app stand apart from the cookie-cutter crowd.

It is clean and simplistic (as illustrated in our example on the left), but packs a wallop in load speed and efficiency.

Don’t want to bother with uploading a Splash Screen? Then you will like this theme as it does not require a Splash Screen image. In the Customize Theme section, you may upload a logo or an image for the front page of your app, or simply choose to leave the default screen.


Square UI Themeimage015

The Square UI theme offers simplicity of design. For those who want quick and easy access to the most important app pages, choose this theme. You may select which app modules to configure for the main menu and for the buttons.

If you want the buttons at the top, and the white menu at the bottom, that is also an option.

The “more” page will be the color of the primary color (in this example, brown) with white icons. You may, of course, choose the colors for the icons, links and more.


image018Mellow has a faster response time & almost unlimited potential for design variation.

Lean and mean, Mellow loads faster, but there’s no shortage on features! You can choose one of the many built-in color combinations (such as the Amber combo in our example), or create your own. The front of the Splash screen can have multiple buttons in either “round” or “square” (as shown here) to display your most important modules. Set it off with your own Splash page image, or choose from our selection of creative designs such as the one in this example. Your niche users or SMB clients and their users will be pleased with the response time of this light-weight, yet powerful design.

The logo should be 700 x 200 pixels.

Note: if you have a professional logo that does not meet that requirement, simply create a blank .png image in those dimensions, and then reduce your logo to a size that will fit within those parameters. For this logo we reduced it to 359×200 and pasted into the required size .png. As you can see, it turned out beautifully proportioned.

Our Latest Themes: Velocitas, Tesseract and Folio Themes

These were released with our Terra Upgrade. All three themes are lean, mean and FAST. Additionally, these have an appealing look and feel that today’s app users will appreciate.IMG_2002

Velocitas has an option to use a transparent gradient overlaying the Splash Screen (Not used in this example on the right). .

There are multiple Splash page button options.

You may also include a short one-sentence description of the app – like the one on the right. Under the home button you will see the slogan, ‘”So Many Ways to Say, “I Love You.”‘

You may also upload your own logo for branding purposes and choose a transparent gradient for your Splash page.


velocitasThe Tesseract Theme

This theme is fast and smart, with a transparent tabs page overlaying the Splash Screen. When you choose your background image, make sure it is not too busy so that the transparent tabs will overlay the background without conflict.

This theme does not utilize a logo, so if you’re in a hurry or don’t want to use a logo, this theme will work for you.

Stylish and modern, this is a great theme that appeals to the “keep it simple” users.




Folio ThemeScreen Shot 2016-04-14 at 6.06.58 PM

This theme is different in that you can choose a splash theme (only the top of it shows in the app, so keep that in mind), choose a description for the bottom selection,  and include your contact details as well as six modules. The theme is neat and clean, and easy to configure (as are all of the themes).

This theme stands out from the others with the contact details positioned across the bottom in a stacked list.