The Splash Screen

The “splash screen” is the 1st thing users will see when they open up your app on their mobile device.

On that page, you will enter the following information:

  1. Launch Tab Title, (which may be the same as the App Title). The Title should be short and keyword rich. The title of the app will be seen in the App Stores, and below the icon on the mobile devices.

The Splash title is what will appear on the splash screen when the app is opened, and when a user returns to “home.”



  1. Call us, Email Us and Directions Buttons are optional, and usually only used for SMB apps. If you don’t want them on the splash screen, simply leave these fields blank. The name you enter in the left form field is what will appear on the button.

    The Splash Screen Buttons are not utilized on all of the Themes. If you do not want the buttons, simply leave these blank.




The Splash Screen image is required and should be in a resolution of 1440×2560 in order to meet the requirements of varying devices. In fact, if you attempt to upload a different size, you will get an error, and see a notice like this:

Please note: in order to stay up to date with the latest mobile display technology and resolutions, it is highly recommended that you upload a Splash Image with a resolution of 1440×2560



You may upload your own image in the correct size, or click on the Select Splash button to choose one from the Skybuilder Splash Screen gallery.

When you click on the Select Splash button, a dropdown option will allow you to choose a category for your image. By scrolling through the images, you simply select one that best suits your app. To see a different variation in the color tone, toggle between Filtered and Unfiltered.



As always, SAVE and CONTINUE in order to see your work in the Previewer and to continue with your creation.

NOTE: If the Splash Screen does not appear in the Previewer, go ahead and continue to build your app. After you customize the theme, save it and Compile a Preview version of the app to check on your own device. The Previewer does not always accurately reflect what the app will look like on the device.

Because we know you’re on the lookout for unique Splash screen images, we’ve scoured the web to find a few resources. Please note, we do not have any connection to these websites, nor, can we vouch for them, other than to say they offer free image downloads. Use at your own discretion.×2560/×2560

If you have other resources that are not the required 1440×2560 size, you will need to resize the image.

On Mac computers you can do this with the Preview program. Just open the image in Preview, then click on the resizer button.

For Windows, you may do this in MSPaint, or download a free image re-sizer program here: