Testing On an Android Device

Testing on Android is easy.

Under the Compile App tab in your Skybuilder account, click on the Preview Build History option. You will see three methods to add the app to your device: Download, URL and QR Code. Below is a description of each method.
Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 10.27.55 AM

1 – To download, Right click on the link to your computer. After download completes, you will see a file with long a number that starts with the version number of your app and ends with .apk . Note: some browsers try to unpack (extract, unzip) the .apk file. DO NOT DO THAT. To avoid this happening, please use the Google Chrome browser.

After downloading, copy the file over to your Android device. There are a few ways to do this, but since every device is slightly different we will offer a general guideline:

  • Turn on USB Storage on your device and then, use your favorite file manager program to access and launch the file, OR
  • Attach the apk file to an email and send it to your device email, OR
  • Use Dropbox to seamlessly share folders between your computer and Android device

Launch the android.apk file to install your application. Make sure that everything is as you intended. If not, uninstall the app and go back to make changes on the device

Note: of the above options we have found that attaching the .apk file to an email and sending it to your Android device email account is the easiest waymethod. When you open the email simply click the link and it will automatically download and install to your device. If you get any kind of parsing error – do it again, as that happens when the file hasn’t fully downloaded.

2. URL Method –  Enter the short URL into your device browser bar. This will generate the process to download the app to your device.

3. QR Code Method – Using a barcode scanner app, scan the code into your device. This will automatically download the app and start the install process.

Note: Although testing your app on a device is optional, we highly recommend as a best practice to test each module prior to submitting to the app stores.

Test each module within the app to make sure it has a good user experience.

4. Compile a Releass Build and Submit – Once you are satisfied with your app’s performance, login to Skybuilder > Compile > Release build.

5. Once the Release Build is compiled, download the APK file and upload your app to Google Play.   How to Submit your app to Google Play