Testing Amazon Apps

There are two things that sets Amazon apart from other app stores:

• They waive the first year developer fee (at the time of this writing)
• They have an online App tester

While you may test your app on any Kindle device — and you should — it is a good thing to test it using Amazon’s App Testing Service, which is a free service they provide for their developers. The plus side of using the Amazon App Testing Service is the assurance you have in submitting your app. You know in advance that it will pass their requirements. No guesswork at all. Of course your app will still be checked for content, so don’t try to slip something in that is against their TOS.

1. Login at https://developer.amazon.com/appsandservices/ and scroll down to where you see the button: Add a New App. Click on the arrow and choose the Android option.


2. Prior to submitting, click on the Testing Your App tab


3. Complete the information about your app and choose an appropriate category.


After you have completed the submission screen, click Save.

4. Drag your app into the little Android icon box to upload.


5. During the upload process you will see a progress bar under the Android icon … “Verifying App”. Wait.


6. Once the app has been verified, TESTING will begin. Wait. You will see the progress as the app is tested for compatibility.


Once the testing is complete, you hope to receive the results, “No Issues Found.” If there are issues, you will be apprised so that you may make the changes necessary.

Note: Testing the app does not guarantee acceptance. All apps are reviewed for content, and must comply with Amazon’s guidelines.

7. Click the orange “Submit to Amazon Appstore.”