Shoutbox Chat WallModule

This module will add value to your apps, and encourage usability. The chat wall in your image005apps will allow your users to communicate with you and/or each other right in your app. This is a great way to build community and will add value to your app.

App stores will more quickly approve apps that offer ways for users to interact. Integration is quick and seamless.

So what’s the big deal with a chat wall?

  • A chat wall will encourage users to communicate with you and each other.
  • It will make your app Sticky! Users will actually use your app instead of letting it sit there and collect cyber dust.
  • It will help build community. When a group of people is excited about your products or your app, a buzz is generated. Buzz generates more excitement. A phenomenon called “viral advertising” happens and more people will download your app.
  • Your app will be unique! The Shoutbox module is a complete chat application that your app users can utilize to interact with you and other visitors without having to close out the app.
  • Your app becomes more than just an “info” app; suddenly it is no longer a “static” app; it’s alive providing a reason for your users to continue to use the app even after they’ve absorbed the information.
  • Want a new, nonintrusive way to monetize? While you certainly do not want to irritate and agitate your users, this is a good way to remind them of specials, deals, and discounts.

For those Skybuilders who create SMB (small business) apps, think of the appeal this will have for your clients. They will love it! Offer to update their app to include the Shoutbox and customize it for their business.

Getting your Shoutbox

Signing up is easy, and it’s FREE! Here’s how:

  1. Go to: and REGISTER with your email address.



  1. Once registered, you will be redirected to a page where you will complete the basic information needed to create your first shoutbox. Each shoutbox you create will have a different setup.



  1. When you click the Create button, the next screen will allow you to choose from multiple templates. Paginate through the choices and click on the Blue button at the bottom of the template to select. You may change this selection at any time.


  1. Once you select the template, the system will take you to the next setup option: Choosing the Look and Feel of your shoutbox. A preview window below the options will show you what it looks like. As always, you may come back and change the options if you don’t like how it looks on your devices.


  1. Clicking Save and Continue will take you to a page with an option to purchase a plan. You don’t need to do that unless you do not like the unobtrusive Shoutbox label on your box; or unless you need SSL (privacy). However, that’s your choice.You also do not need the code that is displayed. All you need is that ID like the one encircled here:


  1. Copy that ID and paste it into your Skybuilder Shoutbox module.
  1. By clicking on the Shoutboxes link in the top right corner you will see the shoutboxes you have created. You may edit the shoutbox. To do so, click on the Manage button at the bottom of each shoutbox.


Note: You may create as many free shout boxes as you’d like, but you will need a different web URL for each one. The URL may be a subdomain or a directory; for example, or (replacing the URL with your actual site).

  1. When you click on the Manage button, a page like this will open up where you may further customize your shoutbox.


  1. As always when making changes be sure to click the “Save and Continue” button.
  1. Once you are satisfied with the setup, head over to your Skybuilder account and paste that ID (not the code) into your Skybuilder module. Of course, you may change the Tab Title to one suitable for your app.




In case you missed it – people love to talk to others who have similar interests. It’s called staying in touch … and touch is one of the five primary senses that all humans share. We judge everything by what we can see, taste, smell, hear, and touch. When you add a chat wall to your app, you’re telling your users that you’re in touch; that you understand that basic human need. That’s dynamite from a marketing standpoint.


Suggestion: Populate the chat wall with “sample” conversations.  Pre-populating the app is easy to do. Just sign in and out as guest users and have a conversation. You can then go into your shoutbox account and edit the shoutbox chats to make the comments relevant to the app’s niche or business.


We hope you see the tremendous value of this module! It’s our pleasure to add it to your portfolio!