Setting up PayPal Developer Account and Sandbox

To utilize the PayPal modules, you will need 1) a PayPal account and 2) a PayPal Developer account. If you have not done so, go ahead and open a free PayPal account. This could take a few days, depending on the options you choose, as the account must be verified.

After the PayPal account is activated and ready to use, you are ready to set up your PayPal Developer account, and create a PayPal app to receive your payments. Note: to utilize credit card payment options you will need to open a PayPal Business account. A Personal account will work if you do not intend to employ credit cards.

When you create your developer account, PayPal does a verification check by sending an email to the address you specified. Enable your account by responding to PayPal’s email. If you don’t receive the verification email within a few minutes after signing up, check to see that it hasn’t been blocked or diverted to a spam folder.

Once your account is enabled, access the Sandbox functionality by logging in to the PayPal Developer website using your developer account credentials.

Suggestion: When creating your PayPal developer account, consider creating an account that you don’t mind sharing with others on your development team. This way, you can share your Sandbox test accounts without compromising the security of your personal PayPal account.

Okay, let’s get started.

Setting up the Sandbox Test Account:

  1. Go to . If not logged in you will see this screen, so go ahead and log into your PayPal account, or set up a new account.



Once logged in, you will see two Sandbox Test Accounts that were automatically generated (a facilitator/business account and a buyer/personal account). The email address labeled

“BUSINESS” is for setting up your API Credentials. The email address labeled “PERSONAL” is for testing your Skybuilder Preview app in Sandbox mode. FYI – the “Sandbox” is simply an test environment where nothing is passed along to your real “live” PayPal account, however, the app behaves like it is a real transaction.



  1. Click the Link “My Apps and Credentials” in the left side bar. Here, you will create a new PayPal app. Name the app whatever you’d like to call it, and then, from the drop-down box, select a facilitator sandbox account. (Most likely, there will be only one “facilitator” account listed.)



  1. Creating the app will take you to the App Management page where there are two tabs in the right-hand top corner: Sandbox and Live. First, we will set up the Sandbox account.


  1. Next, scroll down the “Sandbox” page to select your options. (Skip the Webhook options). The choices are entirely up to you, however, for your Skybuilder app to work in the test environment, you will need to select the appropriate options before you can utilize the PayPal module – i.e., the Sandbox Test won’t work unless these options are selected. We simply selected all of them. Note: ALL of the options listed are approved for the Sandbox accounts; however, some of these require approval from PayPal for the Live environment. More about that later. For now, select all of the options and Save.



  1. Now scroll back up the page and copy the Sandbox Client ID. Head over to your Skybuilder account and paste that ID into the field labeled Sandbox Client ID under the PAYPAL ITEM tab.



Next, we must complete the setup by completing the “Live” app settings.

Setting up the Live Account:


  1. Now scroll back up the page and click on the Live tab in the top right corner of the screen:


This will open a window where you will see the Live API Credentials.



  1. Scroll down the “Live” page (as you did in Sandbox) to select your options. Some of these, such as the PayPal Here (credit card option) and Log in with PayPal, require approval from PayPal for the Live environment. Selecting the Log in with PayPal option will allow Advanced options to be selected (and are required). It is up to you as to whether you would like to add these options to your user’s experience.
  2. Now Scroll back up to the top of the window.
  3. You will see a notice at the top of the “Live” window that says, “Please note that not all features are available for live. Features available for the transactions are listed in your account eligibility.” To discover the features available for your account, click on the My Account link in the left sidebar. This will take you to a page that will list all of your eligible features. (screenshot below)Here, you will see two columns: Sandbox and Live. If a feature is available to you, there will be a green checkmark. If the feature is not available, you will see the word “Enable” beside the feature. Clicking on that link will take you through the process of enabling the new feature.

    If you intend to offer the Credit Card payment option Future Payments (i.e., a subscription service) or the Payout service, you will need a PayPal Business account, and these feature will need to be enabled. Once you click the “Enable” link, you will be instructed in the next steps to take.


You are now ready to configure the PayPal Item module or the PayPal Shopping Cart module for your apps.