Sending Push Notices

Once your Push Notices module is configured, you may send relevant text messages to your app users who agree to receive texts on their devices. (Unfortunately, we have no control over who will agree to accept notifications, however, if you offer good reasons for the users to do so, and don’t spam them with unwanted texts, then many users will want your notices.)

The Push Notifications tool offers the following features:  Plain Text or Rich Text messages, Links to open in the app or from the Notification Bar, Internationalization (languages), Android or iOS (or both) and the ability to “send now” or schedule for a later date.


#1 Text  – This is simply plain text without any formatting (like you’re reading in this sentence).This is required even if you type the Rich Text formatted message. The plain text message is for the default message that will be displayed in the device’s notification bar.  This is also the message that your users will see before their upgrade to the new version of your app.

#2 Rich Text Formatting – If you select this option, a Rich Text field will show up under the Plain Text field. Just like in your apps you may add attention-getting formatting to your text. You can use this section to include photos, multiple links, and whatever your needs & imagination allow. When choosing the Rich Text option, you will need to prepare two messages: one for the notification bar (plain text #1) and a formatted (and longer, if you’d like) message to open within your app.

#3 Link (optional) – When using the Text option for sending your message, you may add a link to a sales page, etc. to open from the notification bar or within the app. (If you want a link in your Rich Text message, add the link in the message.)

#4 Internationalization:  Clicking on this option will open another text field for sending the message in a language other than English. First, choose the language from the dropdown list, and then type your message in that language.

#5 Android/iOS Messaging: When you are ready to send your push notice you now have the ability to choose whether to send the notices to users of your Android, iOS or Both platforms with a simple click. Send the notice and it is on its way.

#6 Send Now or Schedule – just what it says.

Push Statistics

At the top of your Push Notifications Tool bar you will find a link for your push send/receive statistics. This data shows you how many people are using your app, the kinds of devices they are using, the OS and the country they live in.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 5.38.15 PM


Push Notifications History

On this screen (also accessed at the top of your Push Notifications tool bar), you have a record of ALL of the pushes you have sent and the statistics of how many pushes were actually seen on the devices.