Quiz Module

One great way to get users involved with your app is by creating quizzes about things they’re interested in. So how do you know what interests them? If they download your app, then it is because your app has interested them in some way – so simply create a quiz module around that interest. It will be a winner module for you.

Step 1 – Select the Quiz Module under User Engagement


Step 2 – Proceed to Customize Modules (after saving selections), and locate the Quiz module. Click to customize. Once you Click to customize, the module configuration window will open.


Step 3 – Insert the Tab Title and A Quiz Title.

The Tab Title will show in the app’s menu or navigation bar, depending on the theme and options chosen. The Quiz Title is the name of the Quiz and will appear once the module is accessed on the device.

Step 4 – Enter a description of the Quiz and upload an image that will give pizzazz to the module.


Step 5 – Enter a Score Page message in the second WYSIWYG form. You may also upload an image into this form, or add a link to a webpage for more information.


Step 6 – At the bottom of the module configuration, you’ll find the place to add your quiz questions, answers and responses to answers.


An Example

Following is an example of how we setup a simple Fairy Tale memory quiz to test the users FTMDD (fairy tale memory disorder disease), a non-disease that we created just for fun to illustrate this module.

Score section, we inserted our responses to their Score. Below that, we added the questions, response to correct answer, response to incorrect answer.


Answers Section: Then we added the multiple-choice answers, and indicated if the answers were correct or incorrect.


Notice the question at the bottom of the form …
“Any Correct Answer Counts?” If you have multiple answers that are correct, check this little box, and then any answer they select from that group of answers will be a correct answer. Cool, huh?

  • We also added an image in the Description and Score WYSIWYG fields (at top of form).



Here’s what the app looks like in preview:


We are sure you’ll find many uses for this module. The demo (above) was fun and quick to do. However, you can utilize these same techniques to build quizzes for any aspect of your app building adventure.

Where to Find “Quiz” information

Following are a list of places where you can find information for building quizzes on various topics. Do not copy the information verbatim unless you get permission. However, it is fine to use these as a resource to jumpstart your own creativity. Keep in mind the best quiz is most likely the one you create from scratch.








Want more? Just do a search in your favorite Search Engine! You’ll find tons of multiple-choice quizzes!