PayPal Shopping Cart Module

You will need three things to utilize this module:

• A Personal or business (preferred) PayPal account
• A developer account
• A PayPal Application ID
• A PayPal API Credentials ID

Setting up the PayPal Cart Module

1. On the Customize Module page, you’ll need to enter your PayPal email address (Production Email) and a sandbox Facilitator e-mail (from your PayPal developer account). The Sandbox email is for testing, and is required. The Production email address is where you will receive PayPal funds for orders.


2. Save the module.

3. Click on the link to Open the PayPal Cart Manager (or click on the PayPal Cart icon you’ll see at the top of the screen in the Tools section).



4. Enter your product details in the Add A New Item screen

Note: The item name and item description should be relatively short (keep in mind the device is mobile).

Clicking in the Item Thumbnail field will open up the image upload option, where you may upload a product image (for best results, the size should be 512×512 with a transparent background)



5. Once you have Saved the Item details, you may click on the View Items tab (in the same window) to preview and edit your product listings. It would look something like this screenshot – only with your real products (instead of our illustration products).



Testing the PayPal Cart Module

You will first need to test your PayPal cart using the Sandbox buyer account email address.

Going Live:

When a user clicks on your PayPal module, they will see the items you have entered in the PayPal Cart Manger. They follow the intuitive process:

• Add to cart
• Continue Shopping, Empty Cart or Check Out
• Pay With PayPal (utilizes PayPal balance or Bank Account)
• Pay with Credit Card (utilizes credit card on file at PayPal)
• Login to PayPal with email/password combo for their PayPal Account
• Login to PayPal to complete the process


As always, if you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact our friendly support staff.