PayPal Item Module Setup

This document assumes you have previously signed up for your PayPal Developer account and Sandbox. If you have not done so, you will need to complete these steps as a prerequisite:

  • Obtain a personal or business (preferred) PayPal account
  • Sign up for a developer account
  • Set up your PayPal Sandbox account

Setting Up the PayPal Item Module


  1. After setting up your PayPal Developer and Sandbox accounts, go back to the Live API Credentials page and copy the Client ID.


  1. Paste the Live Client ID into the field labeled Production Client ID.



  1. Once you’ve pasted the Client IDs into the appropriate fields, scroll down to complete the rest of the form.


  • The Merchant/Store name is whatever you chose to call your PayPal account in the developer section.
  • You will need a link to Privacy and TOS pages on the web, that relate to your business.
  • Name the ITEM you are selling.
  • Set the price for the item. Below the price field is an option to make this a Customizable number. You would use this option in the event the end user controls the amount spent – for example, as in a Donation.
  • Also below the Price are options for “Accept Credit Cards” and “Require Address.” Should you choose to accept credit cards this will need to be set up in your account prior to testing, and approved by PayPal prior to going live. Also, if you accept credit cards, it is a good idea to get the address as well, even if you are not sending through the mail. This helps to prevent fraud.
  • Next, you will see a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) field for Adding an Image and description for your offer. You may add the image under or above the text. Once you add the image, it will be inserted into the HTML box.



  • Below the Item Description WYSIWYG field is an option to Enable a Confirmation Page. If you select this option, another WYSIWYG field will open where you may add text, and upload another image, if desired.


Once you are satisfied with your choices, SAVE the form and go back to the Customize Modules > PayPal Purchase Module and choose your icon and click SAVE.


Testing Your PayPal Item Module

After you set up the PayPal item in Skybuilder, you are not ready to build your test app and make sure it works in the Sandbox mode. Keep in mind that with the Sandbox mode, no actual money is transferred to your account. You are given “play” money in your PayPal Developer account in order to test your app. You can see the amount of testing funds allocated by logging into your PayPal account and clicking on Sandbox Accounts and then clicking on the Email addresses for Facilitator and Buyer.


For example, clicking the buyer email address will show you two links: Profile and Notifications. Clicking on the Profile link under the buyer email will open a popup where you may see the funding (play money) allocated to your account, as well as the profile information and settings.



As you can see from this screenshot, PayPal has allocated almost $10,000 for me to test the apps I build.

Note: You can only test with the Sandbox mode with a Preview App. The Sandbox will not work with a Release Build app.

Once you are happy with your app’s function, it’s time to create a Release Build app and put it to work in the real world environment.

As always, should you have questions or concerns about how the app works in Skybuilder, open a Support ticket and our friendly staff will assist you. If, however, you are experiencing issues with your PayPal account, you will need to contact PayPal to resolve these for you.