One Click Setup

When you click on the Customize Modules icon, you will see the “one click setup” at the top of the page.




 Master Keyword and Master Address

Inserting this information here makes it easier and faster to build an app if you’re going to use the same keyword/address for multiple fields. You may change the information by simply editing the modules that require the address or keyword. The information from these two fields will automatically flow into any “location” oriented modules (such as news, deals, open table, etc.)

To start the process, enter the (optional) keyword and address and click Save & Continue.

Note: this is not required, however, will speed up the app-building process if you go ahead and set  up the information.










Prior to configuring the modules, the icons will be grayed out. Once you click on a module and customize it, the module icon will change from the grayed out icon to one of color


Configuring the Modules


Clicking on relevant button causes the module configuration page to open where you will insert the required information for that module. Each module is different. Some will require extensive customization; some will require little or no customization. As you are configuring and saving the modules, the preview screen will give you some idea of what it will look like once installed on a device (although, this is not always the case). Always test on a device to get an accurate view.