Monetizing with Leadbolt Network Ads

If you haven’t already joined the Leadbolt program, now is a good time to do so. Newly updated, Leadbolt is offering two kinds of ads: interstitial and interstitial video. (Leadbolt banner ads still function in existing apps, but are being retired given the fact that the new units far exceed them in terms of monetization and users experience). Just so we’re clear on terminology, interstitials are ads displayed before or after an expected content, taking up the full screen of the device; and Video ads are short “commercials” that are shown just like regular interstitial ads — they popup between screens with a frequency set when the app is created. Although Direct Deals are available in SkyBuilder, publishers/apps will need to reach a certain threshold before the feature becomes available.

Leadbolt’s interstitial video ads are purported to be non-intrusive, thus will provide a better experience for your users. Further, Leadbolt says their video ads have increased app engagement by 75% with 18x more traffic and 25x more installs!

Access to Direct Deals Marketplace

Another option available via Skybuilder’s Leadbolt Network module is the Direct Deals Marketplace, which instantly and directly connects app publishers with premium ad partners. According to Leadbolt’s testing over the past year since DD was launched, optimized partner matches created in the Direct Deals Marketplace are proven to drive up to 300% better returns for participating app publishers. Another great aspect of the DDM, is that it is open to all app categories (not just games). Fully transparent, publishers can view all ad partner details upfront, including offer details. Publishers choose the campaign opportunities that best match their app goals, activating and/or pause deals instantly.

Note: For those running ads under the old Leadbolt SDK system, these will continue to deliver ads without making any changes. As long as Leadbolt is delivering the ads, these will continue to generate income, however, you may not use the old system on new apps going forward. (That is why you will still see the module listed in Skybuilder Select Modules. So, if you still see the Leadbolt Ads module, ignore it. Select the Leadbolt Network Ads module.)

Sign up With Leadbolt


Once your application is accepted, Leadbolt will notify you and you should then sign into your account to set up your profile and payment options.

Setting Up Your Ads

1. Click on Apps in your main dashboard


2. Next, click on “create new App/Mobile Web”. This will open up a window where you will add your app information.


3. Fill out your App Info. This form asks for your app’s basic information:


• App name – The app’s title
• Platform (i.e, type of app – Android or iOS)
• Category – choose the one most suitable

4. Once you have entered the information, click Next and you will be taken to the Integration screen where you will copy the API key to paste into the Skybuilder interface.


5. Now, click Finish. This will take you back to the Dashboard.


When you first set up your ads you are provided with an API Key, however your ad is in “Test Mode” until it you complete the setup and submit it to Leadbolt for review an approval.


Once the app is approved, the Status will show as Active.

6. Setup your Skybuilder Module by pasting the API key into the appropriate fields (Android or iOS or both), and toggle on the ads you would like to be display in your app.


Note: Keep in mind that ‘less is more’ when it comes to ad display in your app. For example, if you set the setting to “1” then each time the person clicks to a different module in the app, an ad will popup. Not good user experience. It is best to put yourself in the user’s shoes. Do you like ads popping up all the time on your free apps? No one does. In fact, most will delete the app rather than use it. So, less ads will result in more clicks IF you will keep the user in mind.

The slider to set the Video is good at the default setting. If you want more or less videos to play, then adjust the slider to the left (for less) and to the right (for more).

7. Test Your App

Now is a good time to build a test version of your app to make sure that all add units are working as you intend (Please note that your application is not yet active, so you will see sample Leadbolt ads)

8. Upload Your App to Google Play and/or iTunes Connect.

9. Set Your App as Active in Leadbolt

Return to the Dashboard, and from the dropdown box, select the “set active” in your Leadbolt dashboard


10. Submit and Wait for Review

Once you’ve confirmed all the information, click submit

This will queue up a manual review from the Leadbolt team.

Most applications will be live within a few hours.

Once live, you will receive a confirmation from Leadbolt and your app will automatically start serving ads!