Monetizing with Airpush

Airpush is a mobile ads network that was founded in 2010, and has grown into one ofimage006 the largest and most profitable mobile ad networks in the world. The folks at Airpush have worked hard, and are now serving ads to provide another avenue for earning money with your apps. Among its advertisers are such giant as, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Toyota, eHarmony,, Groupon, and others.

AirPush supports Android and has recently added iOS. Skybuilder is offering this network for Android apps at this time. We are testing the iOS version and will integrate as soon as all elements are stable.

Integration with the Airpush mobile ad network is a new opportunity for Skybuilder users to get revenue from their niche apps. While they offer multiple ads, the most innovative in our opinion is the Abstract Banner, which simply blows other banner ads out of the water.

Take a look at their stats here:


Airpush’s weekly payment system is another unique that Skybuilder users will appreciate.

In order to use Airpush ads in your app, you will need to sign up for an Airpush developer account, add your app to the account, and then configure your app to use your Airpush API Key and App ID.

Currently, you may add SmartWall (360 Interstitial) Ads and Banner Ads (360 Banner) to Skybuilder apps.

1. Join Airpush. Go to Airpush and sign up. If you are already signed up with Google Play, use that same address.


2. Login to your Airpush account and click on the Add Application button.


3. Complete the details for your app.


Note: We will only utilize Airpush on Android apps in Skybuilder.

For the App URL … if you haven’t uploaded your app to Google Play, you may use a fake GP URL or one from one of your existing apps. When doing so, remember to update the URL with your valid store URL within 48 hours.

Select the Category and Sub Category for your app. The ads that are served will be served according to interest groups of the categories selected.

When you select your Category and Sub Category, click Continue.

4. Select your App Types. You may choose SmartWall Ads (Interstitial Ads) and Banner Ads (not 360 Banner Ads). The ads are preselected, so deselect all ad types except these two.image015

For best ad results, leave all of the default values selected.

5. On the next screen you will see your AD ID. The AD ID will also be shown on your dashboard beside your app name. Do NOT download any of the SDKs.


6. Copy the API ID that is generated and paste it into the appropriate field in Skybuilder (see below).



7. Login to your Skybuilder account and edit the app’s Airpush monetization module by clicking on the grayed out module.


8. Insert the App ID and the API Key into the appropriate fields.


Be sure to Click the SAVE button to activate the module.

That’s it. Once you have configured your SB module, you should compile a preview build and test it on your own device.