Monetizing with Admob

Through Google’s acquisition of Admob & Adwhirl, the process of monetization has been vastly simplified. You can now use Admob to serve ads from more than ten of the most popular networks including:

AdMob, iAds, Adfonic, BrightRoll, HUNT Mobile Ads, InMobi, Jumptap, Millennial, and MobFox.

AdMob is Google’s Adwords/Adsense counterpart for mobile applications and it works in exactly the same way: Advertiser’s purchase ad space; publishers (you) insert the ads in your mobile apps; consumers click the ads and you earn commissions.

You first must become an AdMob publisher by registering for a publishing account with the mobile advertising network.

Go to and Sign in with your Google Account login OR Sign up for a new account (Click Get Started).


Note: Because AdMob is part of Google, you will be asked to sign into your Google Account. If you do not wish to have your AdMob Account linked to your current Google Account, you will need to apply for a different account and link your ADMob account to that.

Hint: If you have multiple Google Accounts, it can become a headache to manage. Fortunately, Google allows users with multiple Accounts to switch accounts in the same browser. This will save you a lot of time and provide a better user experience.

After you have signed into your Google account, you will then need to complete the AdMob Account Information form. At the bottom of the form, choose “Publisher” as the Account Type.

Adding Your Apps:

1. When you login to your Admob account, click on the Monetize link on the navigation bar:


2. On the Page that opens, click on the Monetize New App button in the left navigation bar.

Clicking that link will open a screen where you will either a) search on Google Play for your app, b) manually add the app. Or c) select an app you’ve already added.

a. IF your app is already in Google Play:
  • Insert the app name in the provided Search field or
  • Search
  • Click Add App

b. IF you will Add your app manually,

  • Insert the app name in the provided field
  • Select the platform: Android, iOS or Windows
  • Click Add App

c. IF you will select from apps you have already added:

  • Select the app from the list of apps
  • Click Continue

Either of the above actions will open the screen where you choose the type of monetization – Banner Ads or Interstitial Ads.

When you select “Banner” a drop down option will open where you may customize the banner type, size and placement. Just leave the “Refresh” rate as it is, and give your ad unit a name.

Choosing Interstitial will open up a screen where you will choose the type, size and placement of your interstitial ads.

6. Click to Save.

This will open the screen where you will obtain your AD’s publisher ID. You will need to copy this ID and paste it into the appropriate field in your Skybuilder Monetization module.

This number is the only number you need for both Admob and Admob Mediation.

NOTE: Ignore any mention of the SDK integration. This is already incorporated into Skybuilder.




Admob is our network mediator of choice. Not only does it offer the highest number of advertisers & ads, (due to increase drastically as Google has recently integrated Admob with Adwords, letting it’s clients run their Adsense campaigns with no additional effort), it has also added a game-changing recent service called “AdMob Mediation”.

Unlike using any singular channel, AdMob Mediation allows you to use multiple networks to have virtually 100% fill rate with your ad networks at the highest possible profit. AdMob Mediation will automatically change and update your apps to have the highest CPM for your network Including iAD, AdMob, & Mobclix.

Setting up Admob Mediation is a breeze.
1. Sign in to your AdMob account at
2. Click the Monetize tab.
3. Select your application from the All apps list on the left-hand side.
4. Click on the link under the Mediation on the right of the ad unit you want to modify


5. Click + New ad network.
6. Add ad network(s).

a. Click on “New Ad Network” and a screen will open up with a list of Ad Network options.
b. Select the ad network(s) you want to add to mediation. You can also create a custom event if your ad network is not supported
c. You must have a valid account with each of these networks for their ads to be sent to your app.
d. On the right, fill in the required information for each ad network you selected.
e. Optional: To enable ad network optimization, check the Automatically pull the eCPM from this ad network box and enter the login credentials for the ad network.

Admob Network is preselected as the default network – and we recommend that you use this network exclusively until you have sufficient app users.

Choosing several of the ad networks will give you a tremendous jumpstart towards earning with your app – [but DON’T do this until you have at least 500+ users of your app. Until that time use only Admob]. The reason you will want to add additional ad networks is that sometimes an ad network might not have an ad to serve on your app. In that case, they will choose another ad from another network if you have signed up for these and selected them here.

Note: although the ad structures are integrated into Skybuilder, you will still need to register for most networks individually in order to serve their ads. We do not have directions for signing up with the other ad networks. In fact, we don’t recommend that you signup with any network EXCEPT Admob until you grow to 500+ users when the CPM/fill rates will make difference.

When you have that many apps out there then it is time to think of adding the other ad networks and to use mediation. Do not select any of the ad networks if you are not signed up with that network. I repeat, do not join ANY of the other networks until you have 500+ users. While we provide you with the information that you CAN sign up with these, we cannot provide support for that process. You will need to contact the Ad Network support directly if you are experiencing issues with their signup process.
After you have chosen your AD networks, paste the SAME publisher ID into the appropriate Skybuilder field for AdMob mediation.