Monetizing Amazon Apps

There are two ways to make money with Amazon and your Skybuilder apps:

  • Amazon Ads
  • Amazon Affiliate program

Both of these methods are integrated into your Skybuilder Program.

Amazon Ads

When setting up your developer account you were asked if you would be monetizing your apps with Amazon Ads. If you answered “Yes” you will need to follow the instructions here. If you answered “No” then you may safely ignore this tutorial. You should be aware, however, that Amazon does not allow other advertising banners in your apps. You must use their system or none.

Since Amazon’s SDK is already integrated into Skybuilder your task is simple.

1. Grab the application key (screenshot)


2. Go to Skybuilder and select the Amazon Monetization module and paste the Application Key into the appropriate box. Select Interstitial and Banner ads to be displayed at the top of the screen as shown in the image below.


(Warning – you can’t have Admob & Amazon banners in the same app.)

3. Previewing actual Amazon Ads is not possible until the app is live and the developer select is approved

However, if you want to see how the ads will look in the store – you may use this code for the application key (for step 1 above):


4. Once your App is approved you will get a nice notice from Amazon that your app has passed the developer select, and Amazon rewards you with free impressions.


5. After the app is live in the Amazon store – you may upload the app to Google play/other stores with the Amazon ads. However, you may not run Amazon and Admob ads in the same app.

6. Why would you want to utilize Amazon Ads? Because Amazon (at the time this tutorial) is being written, Amazon pays $6 CPM! You can be assured that even in the event the rate has dropped when you sign up, it will still be a high CPM, and well worth your time to incorporate it into your apps.


If you would like to learn more about Amazon Ads, please see their documentation here:

Keep in mind as you read, Amazon SDK is already integrated into Skybuilder, so you do not need to do anything except follow the steps above to add Amazon ads monetization to your apps.

The Amazon Affiliate Program

Making money with the Amazon affiliate program is pretty simple –

  • ¬†grab your application key (see the beginning of this tutorial)
  • In Skybuilder, Select the module, and click to Customize
  • Paste your application key and the appropriate Amazon search phrase into the application.
  • Test
  • Make money!


That’s it. Now, login to your Skybuilder account and start cranking out those apps. Remember, CPM stands for “cost per thousand” impressions … so this is a numbers game — the more good quality, informative apps you have out there the more money you’ll make with your apps.