Google Play Merchant Account

If you plan to sell premium Google Play Apps (meaning apps that you charge a fee for), you will also need a Merchant Account. Starting your Android Merchant Account with Google Checkout is a relatively simple process once again and should take less than five minutes.

NOTE: Some Screenshots may not exactly match what you see. This is because Google’s Android marketplace (now Google Play) is in transition.

Prerequisite: You will need to verify that your country of residence is allowed for Google checkout. If not on their list, please contact the Google Play Support to see if they offer alternatives.


  1. Go to to continue.


  1. You may or may not see the following interstitial depending on Google’s transition of merchant account to checkout. If you do, please click to on “Go to Merchants/Sellers site” on the bottom


  1. Fill out your personal info as you see fit, but make sure that you’re public business name aligns well with your niche.
  2. Under current sales volume, select “under $1,000” in order to not raise any flags on your account. You may adjust this later as your revenue increases.


  1. Click “agree” on the terms and hit “complete sign up”


  1. Following the steps above should grant instant approval on your account

Congrats! You are now ready to get started with your premium apps on Android!