Countdown Timer Module

This feature will make it easy to add special events to your Niche and SMB apps, such as Black Friday Sales, Holiday Countdowns and even Birthday celebrations for friends, family or celebrities.

If you can think of it … and it’s of interest to your app’s user base, then this is a quick and easy module to include.
Customizing the Module
There are basically 2 actionable settings: The Target Date and Time and the Action Type (i.e., what will happen once that date arrives.)

The Target Date and Time is the some date/time in the future when the event will occur. For example, if you’re doing a New Year’s Countdown, the date/time would be 01/01 of the anticipated year, and the time would be 12:00 AM.

Note: Selecting the user’s time means the time on the device will determine the time the module’s action will take place. You will need to select the User’s Local Time if the action is time sensitive to a locality … for example, New Year’s Day is always calculated by the locality so you would place a checkmark in the Use User’s Local Time option for that event.

To select a date and time, click inside the Target Date and Time field and a calendar dropdown box will open. Select the date on the calendar, and manually select the date the action will occur. To change the day and to change from PM to AM, click on the arrow button on your PC or MAC keyboard.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 2.20.38 PM


The Notification Title/Text is what the user will see when they open the Countdown Module. This is a popup that can be geared toward the event, or anything else you might want to focus on – keeping in mind the app store’s TOS (as always). So, if you wanted to change this several times during the countdown event, simply login to your SB account and make the changes. It will go live when the user reopens the app. In fact, ANYTHING you edit in the Module except the Name of the Module is a LIVE UPDATE for the module. This is a powerful feature.

ACTION TYPE: To make this module even more powerful, you have two options: Open Webpage or Show Text.

If you choose the “show text” option, then you will need to insert text into the Notification Text field above the Action Type. If you’d like to send your users to a webpage, then you should enter the URL in the Webpage field. When the date arrives they will be taken to the webpage when the Countdown module is accessed.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 2.25.21 PM

OPTIONAL: Adding Graphics and WYSIWYG Text
You may also add graphics and text to the WYSIWYG editor if you’d like to do that. This will show below the Countdown timer in the app. This is not necessary, and may not be worthwhile as the countdown timer graphic will hide the text/graphic and the end user will need to scroll down to see the information. Of course, it is entirely up to you!

To add an image, click on the Upload Image icon on the WYSIWYG box and a popup box will open to allow you to browse for the image.




SAVE and Continue.

When you compile the app and upload it to your device to preview you will see a countdown timer with your unique customization.

Note:  You may edit or create the Countdown Module from the Tool Bar or within the Customize Module section.