Contact Form

This is a very versatile form that you can use to create any other kind of form that needs to be submitted via email by simply adding form fields and renaming. Examples of the kinds of forms you might consider are: Feedback Form, Information Request Form, Appointment Request Form – i.e., any kind of user-request or user-submission form where.
Now let’s take a look at how to configure the Contact modules.Setting up the modules will follow the same pattern, you must

  1. Name the form (something short and descriptive)
  2. Insert a subject that will alert you (or your client) that this is from your contact form
  3. Insert an email address where the form will be mailed,
  4. (Optionally) insert text that will show in the app to describe the form’s purpose.


The second part of the form is a little more complex – however, very easy once you have done it once.

image0135. (Optional) insert and position the image (for displaying the module in your app.
6. The name of the Submit Button
7. How many Form Fields you will need for your app. You will need a minimum of 3 form fields: name, email address and content. If you are building another form, think about what information you need to collect, and that is how many form fields you will need.
8. SAVE.

This will reload the page and you will see your additional fields added to the form. In this example, we added 3 fields, and changed the bottom field to a big text box. Now we need to name the fields according to their purpose. Name, Email and Message will do fine for a simple email contact us form.