Beacon 2.0

A geofence is much like a physical fence: it sets a virtual parameter around a particular business location. When someone enters the ‘fenced’ area with that business’s app installed on their mobile device, they receive an auto-targeted message with specific advertising (with their permission, of course).
Customizing Beacon 2.0 (Beta)
To customize the Beacon (Geo Fences) module, first click on the Customize button to activate the module. When you click on the Edit pencil, this will open the Customization modules, however, this is simply an activation procedure; the module still must be completed following instructions below.

You will see this screen:


You may click on the link to “open the Geo Fences Manager” from within the module or access it from the Tools Dashboard. You may setup and manage the Geo Fences within the Beacon Manager.


  1. To start, simply enter the address and then
  2. Click the “Update Latitude/Longitude”
  3. Auto Generated Latitude
  4. Auto Generated Longitude
  5. Enter a radius in meters
  6. Choose a Transition type fro the dropdown box: Enter, Exit or Both to indicate when you want the Beacon to be activated.
    • Enter = when the user enters the radius
    • Exit = when the user exits the radius
    • Both = The Beacon will be activated upon Enter and Exit of the radius
  7. Enter a Title for the Beacon.
  8. Enter a Message for the popup – make it short
  9. Enter an Action for the Beaconimage017
    • Popup Message
    • Website URL
  10. Enter a webpage URL, if the Webpage option is selected

On the right hand side of the form you will notice a new feature: Scheduling. This is so that your Small Business Client can schedule events for a certain period of time. This is great for special sales, happy hour time for bars and pubs, and for slow times in restaurants.

Select the time using the 24-hour clock format. In the example on the right, this business will have a happy hour starting at 4pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Happy Hour will be over at 6pm.

They will not offer this special on the other days of the week as these are not scheduled. Make sense?

Now SAVE your form. This will populate the information you have inserted. It will now look something like this:

Want additional Beacons for app? Simply click on the Add Beacon button and set up a new one.


To get back to your App customization, click on the appropriate icon on the left, or at the top of the screen.