Adding a Device UDID to Apple Dev Account

Although Skybuilder has a free app for testing your iOS apps, there are times when you will find it necessary to test the app on your Apple device. (For example, the Skybuilder app will not allow you to test push notices.) To test your app in a working environment prior to publishing, you will need to utilize the UDID method. Adding your device UDID not only allows you to test all facets of your app, it is also required for setting up your Apple Dev Profile in Skybuilder.

 What’s a UDID?

Each iOS device has a Unique Device Identifier (UDID), which is a sequence of 40 letters and numbers that is specific to your device. It’s like a serial number but much harder to guess. It will look something like this:

Here’s how to obtain the UDID for your device:

1. Launch iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone via USB.

2. Click to open your device Summary screen to locate the information about your device, including its name, capacity, software version, serial number, and phone number.

3. Reveal the Identifier by clicking on Serial Number. When you click the Serial number the 40-digit UDID Identifier number will appear

4. Copy the Identifier to your clipboard by choosing Edit → Copy.


5. Now, login to your Apple Developer Account and register your devices. Enter a name for this device – “my iphone” or “Joe’s iPad” – whatever you want to name it.

Paste the 40-digit Identifier into the Device ID field. In the Device Name field – just insert a name (Joe’s iPhone, for example)


6. Optional – you may add multiple devices by uploading a text file:


7. Click Continue to complete the UDID registration.