A common question received from Skybuilders is how do I get more downloads? The answer is simply this:

Build apps that people want.

To do that you need to focus on the user’s reason for downloading the app and not on your own goals for creating the app. Putting yourself in the user’s position will help you see the app from their point of view.


Pay attention to the following detail:

App Description: Is it accurate? Does it tell the benefits of using the app from the user’s perspective?
Keywords: Do they reflect the app’s niche and benefits?Graphics: Are they colorful, showing the best aspects of the app? Do you have enough to illustrate the app’s benefits?Permissions: Don’t forget that when the user installs your app, a popup will describe the permissions needed to run the app. Don’t surprise them. Go ahead and list any permission your app is requesting upon installing.


Content is King! Using automated content modules is a quick way to populate your app with RSS feeds, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and Youtube, but don’t stop there. Add several informative WYSIWYG modules and Multi-tiered pages modules to create an app that is screaming “download me!” to browsing users.

Suggested Modules for Niche Apps

For a simple Niche app, we suggest starting with the following modules:

  • Niche Content: Use one or more of the News, Twitter and Youtube modules. These are auto-populated — choose one keyword phrase, click on the Customize button and these modules will be populated with niche content about your keyword phrase.
  • Social Media: Facebook, Photo Gallery or Instagram (one or more)
  • Small Business Content: About Us, Contact Form.
    The “About Us” module is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) module so you may upload a picture of yourself, an image, or anything. You may also use colorful headlines and text to let people know you are a real person. It is important for people to feel there is a real person behind the app.
  • Tools & Custom Pages: Web Page, Multi Tiered Pages, & Upsell Popup (all of these)
  • Webpage: link to your own site or to an Affiliate product sales page.
  • Upsell Popup … you can actually use this to put a link to your affiliate product.
  • WYSIWYG Module – There are several ways to utilize the WYSIWYG module. (at least one) You could:
    • Find a related affiliate product and utilize the page to review that product.
    • Write a good review of the product you are promoting.
    • Anything at all that is related to your niche
  • Multi Tiered Pages: Very Important module! This is where you can get creative. You could conceivably have several Multi-Tiered Pages modules that provides free information for your user. We suggest sprinkling a link to your affiliate products within a few of the Tiered Pages at the end of the content.Take a look at this Multi-Tiered Pages example below to understand the power of this module:


In this example you will see a Tiered Pages Module entitled “Recipes.” Inside the module is a list of Smoothie Recipe Categories. Inside each Category is a list of Recipes for that Category, and when you click on the Recipe Title  you will then see the Recipe. In this example the process is Smoothie Recipes > Fruit Smoothies  > Mixed Berry Delight Recipe with a nice picture and the recipe.

Just think of ways you can add a ton of content to a Niche App with this module (using multiple modules for relevant topics):

  • Romance Niche —–> Love Potions, Ways to Get a Mate, etc.
  • Fragrance Niche —–> List of Perfumes, Colognes, etc.
  • Pheromones Niche  —–> Recipes for Different Potions
  • Health Niche  ——> Different Kinds of Health Remedies
  • Golfing Niche —–> Illustrate Golf Swings, Clubs, Stance, etc.
  • Dressage Niche —-> List of Terms, Tests, Horses, etc.
  • Fitness Niche  —–> Exercises, Diet Recipes, etc,
  • Yoga Niche —-> Poses, Terms, etc.
  • etc….

As you can see, this is a great module for Niche Apps (such as this example Smoothie Recipes app). It is also offers a dynamite feature for SMB (small business) apps.

Consider the following usages:

  • Restaurants —-> menu
  • Automobile Dealer —–> Car Inventory
  • Beauticians —–> Styles and Prices
  • Plastic Surgeons —–> Procedures
  • Service Businesses —–> List of Services
  • Auto Repair —–> List of Services
  • etc …

As you can see the Multi-Tiered Pages Module, which is sortable and searchable, is a fantastic feature to add to your apps. If you add enough content, and keep that app updated, you will get downloads and reviews that will eventually put you at the top of the charts. Sure, it takes a little work on your part … but the end result is well worth the initial effort you put into making a top quality app.

The bottom line is simply this: When you take the time to build a good app, you will get downloads. If you have used good content that provides value and benefit to the user they will leave good reviews and keep using your app.

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