V’room! V’room!  HotRod is Here!large_vroomvroom


Over the past few years several people have asked for a more advanced module whereby they could implement their own custom JavaScript module. And, true to the Skybuilder team’s “aim to please” nature, we’re happy to introduce the Hotrod (as in ‘build your own’) module.

What’s JavaScript?

By definition, JavaScript is a programming language used to make web pages (and app modules) interactive. JavaScript is often used to create polls, quizzes, calculators, games, etc.

As you know, Skybuilder comes with several built-in interactive scripts, such as bill calculator, rate reminder, quiz, upsell, share, sweepstakes, countdown, car locator, and many more . However, there are times when you might want a special module that, while it is important to your app’s niche, might not be used by other apps created in Skybuilder.

Case in point, some have asked for programs such as a Golf Score Keeper, A BMI calculator, a Currency Converter, among many others. With the Hotrod module, interactive JavaScript programs may be implemented. So, if you can find it (or create it), then you should be able to run it with the Hotrod module, provided you follow the steps outlined in the PDF file you’ll find in your member training area.

This is exciting news and we’re happy to share it with you as it helps Skybuilders to take their app building enterprise to the next level. This is especially helpful for niche app creators as it adds an advanced interactive level for your users — and we all know how the app store reviewers love those user engagement modules!

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