secretDo you like secrets?
Well, we’ve just uploaded a new training module that has a truck load of Greg and Michael’s secret information on how to penetrate and dominate a hot, hot niche, with ideas you’ve never heard from them before.


Topics include;

  • Spying on the competition,
  • Identifying a Hot Niche,
  • How to uncover niches the manual way (grab your pick and shovel), and how to do it using – our sister site.
  • How to drive traffic using Facebook
  • How to ramp up your app with our newly updated and expanded Multi Tiered Pages module.
  • How to avoid penalty and app suspension in Naming your app.
  • A free trial to

And so much more!

In fact … it’s 41 pages of pure gold as Greg and Michael let you in on some of their closely guarded secrets on how they research and drive traffic to their apps. No, they haven’t been holding out on you … they’ve been testing, testing, testing … to make sure everything works for your benefit before they release the information.

And now it’s time to let the cat out of the bag with this gold nugget report called the Hot Niches Strategy.

It’s in your member area … go get it now!

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