Adding a Multiple Contact Directory with JavaScript Search

Skybuilder idirectorys a great tool that, with a little ingenuity, knowledge of HTML and javascript, and a good idea, one can create an app that appears to be custom built for thousands of dollars! Of course, using our awesome app builder you’ll never pay thousands to build your apps no matter how amazing they are!

For example, one of our happy clients recently created an in-house app for a large hotel chain that needed a custom contact form for employees. He wanted a form that could handle a huge list of names within the organization. The form would allow users to:


  • choose from a list of names, each with different contact information,
  • be able to initiate the contact by phone, email, SMS seamlessly from within the app.
  • search the list as it became quite extensive.Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 5.26.10 PM

Is it possible? he wanted to know.

Yes! It’s possible, and with a little guidance from our savvy tech department he was able to turn out an awesome WYSIWYG module that not only listed all of the company’s contacts, but with a click people on the list could be contacted by phone, SMS or by email from within the app.  This is a great tool for private,  in-house apps, for sales teams, MLM organizations, etc.

Take a look at the contact directory that was created in an HTML table with a search box created using JQuery.  Here’s how it works:

When someone wants to chat with a member of the team, they simply click on the SMS icon and it opens up the device chat program. If they want to email, they click on the last name of the person; to speak by phone click on the first name.

Quite ingenious, and it works beautifully on all of our themes that use the JQuery UI.

add-friend-clipartSo how do you do it?

We’ve posted the nitty-gritty details of how our client did it in our new KB.  To find out specifically how it was done, check out this article and give it a whirl in a WYSIWYG module.

Read more in our Knwolege base at: WYSIWYG Contact Directory


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