This just in …

We received word today that Clickbank has discontinued its mobile affiliate platform, Pytch.  While we strive to give our users advanced warning for better planning,  the sunset of Pytch was a surprise to us as well.

The Pytch team informed us of the following statement  yesterday

“Although we are continuously working to innovate and test new features and functionality, sometimes the broader market isn’t yet ready to embrace those innovations.  For this reason, ClickBank is discontinuing the Pytch mobile advertising initiative.”

Regarding timing of the sunset, they informed us of the immediacy of the manner and that  “the SDK requests are no longer being answered by our platform. ”

So that’s it. No more Pytch.

The good news is that Skybuilder members are not left holding the proverbial bag. With multiple built in monetization programs: Google Admob, Revmob, Everbadge, Amazon Ads, Amazon Mobile Ads and Leadbolt, Skybuilder app builders are in a good position to earn money with their niche apps.  Additionally, Skybuilder app builders can continue to market Clickbank products via the direct hoplink method used by web masters.

Additionally, the Skybuilder dev team are always on the lookout for other proven advertising programs that will work with our platform.
In fact, this announcement happens to coincide with an update to our Admob interstitial integration, which not only improved compatibility across various devices, but also increases monetization potential.

If you are an existing SkyBuilder and Pytch user, we invite you to try the new admob interstitial platform instead for great returns.  If you are new, now is a great time to join us with our Terra updates and Special Price.

If you have any questions or concerns, we invite you to contact our support team.