Customization Options in Skybuilder

Adding a Multiple Contact Directory with JavaScript Search Skybuilder is a great tool that, with a little ingenuity, knowledge of HTML and javascript, and a good idea, one can create an app that appears to be custom built for thousands of dollars! Of course, using our awesome app builder you’ll never pay thousands to build your apps no matter how amazing they are! For example, one of our happy clients […]

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PayPal Shopping Cart Integration

Your Skybuilder Program Just Got Better! With the Skybuilder PayPal Shopping Cart module, you can now open your own online store and start selling your products within a short period of time. Our easy-to-use interface makes it easy to customize your product photos and descriptions, enter the prices, taxes, and fees and manage it all right from the Skybuilder dashboard! No more waiting for affiliate […]

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HotRod is Live! Advanced JavaScript Module

V’room! V’room!  HotRod is Here!   Over the past few years several people have asked for a more advanced module whereby they could implement their own custom JavaScript module. And, true to the Skybuilder team’s “aim to please” nature, we’re happy to introduce the Hotrod (as in ‘build your own’) module. What’s JavaScript? By definition, JavaScript is a programming language used to make web pages […]

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Beacon 2.0 is Live!

Revolutionizing the Local Mobile game with SkyBuilder’s Beacon Geofence 2.0 is Better than Ever! Small businesses and SMB app creators give a cheer! Our Beacon Geofencing module has been updated and is now more powerful than ever! The popular Beacon module was added to our portfolio of features last year. This year we’ve added several new features that Skybuilders will love – things like scheduling, frequency capping […]

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Shoutbox Module for Your Apps

You Spoke; We Listened! Now let us all Shout! Shout it out! Skybuilders may now create apps with a Chat Wall module. This new module, which will be available later this week will add value to your apps, and encourage usability. As always the Skybuilder team listens to our clients, and one of the features most asked for is a way to communicate within the app. […]

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SB Surprise


  Season’s Greetings & Introducing the Skybuilder Preview App: Although building a quality app is a complex process and takes some thought, we’re always on the lookout of your requests to make things easier. One of the questions SkyBuilders regularly ask & request from us is to make previews on iPhones immediate for anyone and any device. If you’ve built an app in the last few days […]

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Clickbank Pytch Shutting Down

This just in … We received word today that Clickbank has discontinued its mobile affiliate platform, Pytch.  While we strive to give our users advanced warning for better planning,  the sunset of Pytch was a surprise to us as well. The Pytch team informed us of the following statement  yesterday “Although we are continuously working to innovate and test new features and functionality, sometimes the broader […]

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