Revolutionizing the Local Mobile game with SkyBuilder’s Beacon Geofence 2.0 is Better than Ever!

Small businesses and SMB app creators give a cheer! Our Beacon geofence2Geofencing module has been updated and is now more powerful than ever! The popular Beacon module was added to our portfolio of features last year. This year we’ve added several new features that Skybuilders will love – things like scheduling, frequency capping and custom sounds and images.

Your small business clients will love the new features, too! They know that customers are using their mobile devices to look for products and services locally. Competition is fierce. Getting people into their places of business has always been a challenging goal of merchants and professionals. Now this objective is much easier with geofencing, a technology that gives even the smallest mom and pop business a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Geofencing Defined

geofence3A geofence is much like a physical fence: it sets a virtual parameter around a particular business location. When someone enters the ‘fenced’ area with that business’s app installed on their mobile device, they receive an auto-targeted message with specific advertising (with their permission, of course).

For example, let’s say a person was shopping and they entered the predefined geofence for a boutique shop whose app they’ve installed on their device. They had not intended to go to the boutique on that day. Upon entering the predefined area, however, they get an incoming alert that says: “Hey! Since you’re in the area, stop into Jane’s Boutique Sale-a-thon and get an additional 10% off on your purchase!” Would that get their attention? You bet!

Or how about the person who got off work earlier than usual one Wednesday afternoon. It’s too early for Happy Hour, so they head for a boring evening at home. They drive down a street, and a notice pops up reminding them that Happy Hour starts at 3:30 on Wednesday. Would that interest them enough to showrooming_mobile_phone_retailentice them stop in for a visit? Absolutely?

In a nutshell, geofencing is the ability to target the right people at the right time, in the right place – when they’re close enough to drop in. Geofence marketing takes impulse shopping to a whole new level and is a win/win for the merchant and the customer.

Shhh! We’ve heard of another slightly clever way to use geo-targeting that some of you might want to share with your small business owner clients who are in a very competitive niche. Create a virtual fence around a competitor’s store and send out a message saying something like, “If you don’t find what you’re looking for, stop on over. We may have it in stock.” Now, that’s a wee bit underhanded, so if you recommend this to your client, do it ‘tongue in cheek.’

How Geofencing is used by Mainstream Businesses

  • Real Estate Agents: use it for Open House events, or for any of their houses on the market. When someone enters the virtual fence, they’ll receive a special message regarding the property.
  • Bars and Pubs: Send notices of scheduled Happy Hour deals.
  • Beauty Shops and Boutiques: Draw attention to walk-in specials on slow days.
  • Restaurants and Other Eateries: Scheduled special coupons during slow times.
  • Churches and other non-profit organizations can send special notices of events.

User Engagement is the Goal

As always, The small business owner should keep the customer’s satisfaction in mind. When they receive a notice from a small business, their first thought will be, “what’s in it for me,” commonly called the WIIFM factor. How the small business owner answers that question will determine their success or lack thereof. Keep in mind the ultimate goal is to acquire a lifetime customer, not a one-off buyer.

Adding the Beacon Module to your SMB apps will provide the small business owner with another way to build an active, engaged clientele and to connect with them at any time they are within the geofence area.

The bottom line is that geofence messages should always add value to the customers’ experiences. With the Skybuilder Beacon Module, your SMB clients can do this while at the same time driving traffic to their locations, thus increasing their bottom line.

The Beacon Module with targeted geofencing is an excellent tool. But always remember that if you want your small business clients to experience success, teach them to put their customer first – just as you are doing.

Need more information? You’ll find the training PDF in your member training vault. As always, contact our friendly support staff should you need further assistance or have questions.

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