When you’re looking for a way to showcase your apps on the web, the most important features are simplicity of use, and a professional presentation! You simply don’t want a theme that looks like a WordPress site (although we appreciate WordPress!).   AND …


You DO want a theme that delivers traffic to your app’s sales pages!

We’ve got you covered!

Our newly updated Skytheme Premium WordPress theme offers the following incredible features:

  • NEW! fully compatible with the latest WordPress 4.1+ build … a powerhouse of features to add that finishing touch to your app marketing portfolio
  • NEW! Support for Amazon App Store
  • NEW! Support for the Windows Phone store
  • NEW! customize support  with real time updates/testing for design (so the user can direct test hundreds of various design settings in seconds)
  • you may add several on-app rotating screenshots, that will help others visualize your app,
  • you may change the Title, logo, tagline, description.
  • you link to the 4 major app stores.
  • Additionally, you may choose from a vast array of background colors!

SkyTheme provides beautiful simplicity, yet it has everything you need to to open up another avenue of app downloads.

The bottom line is that you want traffic to your app ... and traffic is the whole purpose of our newly updated Skytheme Premium WordPress app showcase theme.

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