Shoutbox Module for Your Apps

You Spoke; We Listened! Now let us all Shout! Shout it out! Skybuilders may now create apps with a Chat Wall module. This new module, which will be available later this week will add value to your apps, and encourage usability. As always the Skybuilder team listens to our clients, and one of the features most asked for is a way to communicate within the app. […]

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Google Play Requires Ad Labels

Change is coming to the Google Play Store. Starting on Jan. 11, 2016, Skybuilders who have apps in the Google Play Store are required to declare this via the Play Developer Console. In a step to becoming more transparent, Google Play wants app users to know in advance if your app serves ads. After January 11th, Android users will see the “Ads” label directly beneath […]

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SB Surprise


  Season’s Greetings & Introducing the Skybuilder Preview App: Although building a quality app is a complex process and takes some thought, we’re always on the lookout of your requests to make things easier. One of the questions SkyBuilders regularly ask & request from us is to make previews on iPhones immediate for anyone and any device. If you’ve built an app in the last few days […]

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New Skybuilder App Feature: Password Protection

Want Password Protected Apps? You Got it! Call it an early holiday gift if you’d like … but you asked…and we listened! Skybuilder clients now have the option to add password protection to appropriate apps. This feature will be beneficial for many niche and small business apps. For example, your SMB client  may have an in-house app that only certain people should be able to access. […]

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Announcing Skybuilder’s New Feed Service!

Google Feed Deprecation Presented Us With a Unique Challenge… They say that drastic changes in your circumstances will either ‘make you or break you.’ Yep. We can attest to that. Google recently deprecated their RSS engine, which “broke” Skybuilder’s feed based modules. It’s scary to open up your app and see that little “loading” wheel turning and turning, isn’t it? It could cause a guy to […]

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Monetizing With Airpush

Airpush is Back! Airpush is a mobile ads network that was founded in 2010, and has grown into one of the largest and most profitable mobile ad networks in the world. The folks at Airpush have worked hard, and are now serving ads to provide another avenue for earning money with your apps. Among its advertisers are such giant as, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Toyota, eHarmony, […]

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Got EU Cookies? Yes, We Are Ready!

  We’ve had a few inquiries from our “in the know” app builders who want to make sure Skybuilder is in compliance with the EU cookie law for anyone serving ads to European residents. This post is simply to let you know that YES! Your Skybuilder program is in compliance! To implement the required “cookie” law, simply enable the module in your Skybuilder program. That’s […]

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