Google Feed Deprecation Presented Us With a Unique Challenge…


They say that drastic changes in your circumstances will either ‘make you or break you.’

Yep. We can attest to that. Google recently deprecated their RSS engine, which “broke” Skybuilder’s feed based modules. It’s scary to open up your app and see that little “loading” wheel turning and turning, isn’t it? It could cause a guy to have a heart attack!

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 12.06.28 PMHowever…. Panic button aborted!

We simply created our own service!

So, while it looked like a bad thing (and phew! did we sweat blood and tears to get ‘er done!), it is turning out to the greater good for everyone.

Why did we use this service?

The short answer – because it worked very well for all of us!  A lot of website RSS feeds have their own quirks and structures, making it difficult to incorporate. The Google Feeds API tool generated a common structure regardless of the feed source, allowing us to have consistent formatting of all information in the feed irrespective of the structure.

And that was great until they deprecated the service.

In the meantime, our developers were quietly developing our own system behind the scenes (anticipating the deprecation at some point in the future).

But, Wham! They pulled the plug without another warning and the RSS Feeds were gone in the blink of the eye.

Our dev team went into triple time mode on our next update —  i.e., the change didn’t break us. It propelled our ‘around the clock’ efforts to make Skybuilder the best automated app building program in the industry into overdrive.


Since the API is now deprecated, we have built and released our own RSS delivery system, allowing better control and multiple formatting options (with more options to come).

Changes you can expect to see…

We have pushed a new build of SkyBuilder with many improvements:

  • Speed.
  • Better integration with Twitter & Facebook.
  • Improved layout options for News & local content, including Real Estate, Deals, Podcasts,
  • A few new features in beta (we’ll let you discover those for yourself 😉

These are a few we already have live for you (in our Mellow & Black Diamond themes)


Awesome clarity – huh?


And more coming soon!

Downside? Not much…

However, we had to push this build out a little faster than we intended due to the sudden depreciation of the Feed API.

What does this mean to you?

  • Users will see improved performance of speed & style right away,
  • There could possibly be some things that will not work fully as intended. But rest assured it is temporary!
  • The improvements you will see far outweighs any (possible) issues you encounter when building/updating your apps.

What you can do to help…

If they see anything that looks like it can use improvement, please write and let us know at!

Thanks you and keep on building!

The SkyBuilder team

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