2017: The Gold Rush Era for Small Business Mobile

Often, we get questions about the sustainability of mobile apps, such as: “What about the future of mobile apps?” Or, “If I invest in an app [or app building business], how do I know it is a sustainable investment for the long term?” And, “How do I find small business clients who need an app? Isn’t the market saturated already?” While no one can forecast […]

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So Long, Windows Platform

Do you remember the old Western movies where the cowboy rides off into the sunset leaving you satisfied they’d achieved their goal – whatever that was? As a kid, I always wondered where they were going next, but they didn’t pause the credits to answer me…they just kept right on riding away into the sunset. Sunsetting Windows Platform Sadly, the Windows Phone app platform has […]

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Android Marshmallow Upgrade

You’ve most likely received the notices to update your Android apps to the latest Marshmallow SDK. Additionally, app users are seeing notices to update their devices when they visit the Google Play store. If you have a history with the powerful Skybuilder app platform then you know by now not to panic. As usual, our team have worked quietly in the background to make sure […]

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