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When Skybuilder members speak - we listen, and are always adding to the growing list of features to make Skybuilder the #1 App Builder in the Industry!


The Original Beast. SkyBuilder Cloud is the core component software that allows you to create your own mobile niche apps with a few clicks of the button.Using in-line technology, SBCloud creates up-to-date, beautiful and technologically-advanced optimized apps that are sure to get high rankings in the app store and garner you thousands of downloads.


Easy Small Business App Creation

A derivative of SBCloud that is specially designed so that you can create (and sell) apps to local small businesses.
Because of the ease and speed of SBSMB, you can actually create a “demo” app for their business before the client meeting and have them already sold at the gates and use the meeting to discuss refinement to the app. This beast is made so you can sell!


Revolutionary New OS

SkyBuilder has been redesigned from the ground up with this revolutionary new OS that combines 50% faster app build speed with front line app deployment for Windows Mobile and Amazon Fire and marked improvements on Android and IOS.
improvements which leads to more engaged customers which ultimately leads to an increased bottom line for you the app maker. With Black Diamond, you are on the cutting edge of app development and deployment.!


Black Diamond Theme Package

We recognize that diversity is the key to success so we are starting out with a power new Black Diamond theme for your apps that includes powerful transitions..
We have also committed resources to deploying a package of new themes to you on a once-a-month basis so that you can keep your new apps fresh and innovative in the marketplace.


Multiple App Store Platforms

Design! Build! Publish! You can now create apps for Google Play and other Android stores, iOS, Windows Phones, Amazon Fire, FireFox and other Web Apps at the SAME TIME with just a few clicks! Skybuilder technology puts you ahead of the pack with our ability to design for all the major app stores.


Advanced Niche and Keyword Research Tool

The Secret Sauce of App Niche Research.Proper keyword research is the difference between an app with tens of thousands of downloads and ones with NOTHING.In addition the “old” methods of keyword research do not apply anymore.Keyword Genesis is an innovative program that allows you to deep research AppStore niches and efficiently pick the winners and discard the losers.Without Keyword Genesis you risk investing a lot of time, money and effort into niches that have little to no potential returns.


Unique Wordpress Theme

SkyTheme Premium is a unique WordPress theme designed for turning your WordPress Blog into a mobile promotion machine. Correct usage of SkyTheme Premium will allow you to leverage large amounts of “web traffic” and funnel those visitors to the high value download of your SkyBuilder apps.SkyTheme Premium is the bridge that you require to cross the chasm between the web and mobile.

WPSky WordPress Plugin

The perfect cross-over between the web at large and your Mobile app and its downloads. WPSky transforms a simple existing WordPress blog into a “download machine” for your mobile app by detecting visitors arriving from a smartphone and redirecting them to the appropriate page so that they can download your app.Seems simple enough, but when we properly implemented WPSky on our blogs, it increased our app downloads by ver 68%.


Zillow Local Homes Expansion Pack

For those creating local business apps for Realtors, the Zillow addon allows users to see real estate listings around them, a perfect selling point for the "local marketer" who uses Skybuilder's latest Black Diamond release to service their extended client base.


A very groundbreaking module that allows the app owner to live stream (or send recorded) audio to people that have the app installed. As a local business Marketer, this opens a whole new base of possible clienteles. Just think every single musicians out there in the world, add to that any body with an idea or message that wants to be heard. Your potential client base just tripled..

QR Coupons & Codes

This is a very innovative new feature that you can provide to small businesses that allows them to create ongoing loyalty programs for their customers. The SkyBuilder app houses a QR Code scanner that the customer would scan every time they enter the restaurant, or perform some other action that would then keep track and offer them some reward or coupon over time with more visits.This is a proven (and highly valuable) customer loyalty and retention tool that SkyBuilders’ can offer to their clients for added value.

IOS App Output Optimization

Massive (and I do mean MASSIVE) optimization of our IOS apps output. On initial launch some users created IOS apps that would load too slowly and hence they were having issues with approval.We have solved this by changing up the framework for which IOS apps are deployed and hence our clients are getting their apps approved more regularly and consistently.


New Monetization Methods & Options

In addition to the already included Abmob network, we have added one step integration of even more wildly popular ad networks that our users report are doubling their average earning per install. Skybuilder now includes TapGage, an interestial network that users are reporting significant earnings with, as well as the Everbadge Uprise platform which is a pay per install network. Want more? We've added Clickbank, Pytch, Amazon Mobile Affiliate and Leadbolt! Just by adding a few new monetization methods, our NICHE App clients have been able to more than double their average earnings per install in the last few months.


White Label Interface for SMB Clients

A long time coming, it is finally here and allows you to offer your business clients a separate whitelabel interface to manage their own push notifications and QR Coupons.You can(of course) charge your clients extra money each month for this service and they will love having complete control over their own notices and offers.


State of the Art PN Engine!

The Original SkyBuilder Push Notices were just a text box and a send button. Oh, have we improved! Using our simple Push 2.0 engine you now have host of exciting, value-added options including: Rich Text Formatting, App and Push Statistics, Push History, choice to send the push through the App or notification bar, Internationalization (can send in 35 languages) and the ability to segment pushes between Android and IOS. WOW

SkyLayers Multi-Tiered Apps and Pages

SkyBuilder now has the ability to create multi-layered apps with rich content for Local Clients such as restaurant menus, sport rosters, etc.It will also allow you to add exciting new layers and dimensions to your niche apps including: recipes, health directories, and organized guides that users will keep on their phone forever. This feature alone has increase our end user’s retention rate by 20%!

SkyBuilder International

Apps are now supported for every international version of the iPhone App Store, meaning that users can dominate new, relatively untouched markets with virtually no competition. Just think…would you like a piece of the Billion+ user international market? Now it’s easy SkyBuilders Internationalization Engine!

SkyAccount Automated Apple Profile Setup

Some users reported that integrating with Apple was a difficult process that proved a nuisance. We want to create the simplest to use Mobile App Engine in the industry, so we’ve created an automated system to integrate your Apple account right away with almost zero effort on your part!

SkyApps – Instant Mobile Website Creation

This is our instant HTML 5 mobile website creator. Sometimes a full blown app will be more than the needs of your client and instead all they really need is a mobile website put up. SkyApps has the same point and click simplicity as SkyBuilder Apps, except that it allows you to create a robust Mobile HTML5 website for your client instead.This is very useful and allows you to offer a compelling package of value that potential clients will not be able to say no to.

Massive Training Vault

Hours of detailed instructional videos and hundreds of pages of intricate PDF’s, the Training section is a mobile app marketers dream as it not only explains how to use all the “buttons and knobs” on the SkyBuilder software, but it also gives detailed guidance on how to actually structure the apps you create into a profitable business.

The Kitchen Sink

Yes, we threw it all in there! Too much to list on this page.Amazing and useful upgrades like: design updates, new templates, colors and new fun add-ons like a Tip and Mortgage calculator allow you to add incremental value to each and every one of your apps.Plus, so much more!

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