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Are there any hidden costs with SkyBuilder?

Question: I am prepared to make the initial investment to get started with SkyBuilder…but I know that sometimes there are extra costs that creep up before I can actually start earning. Can you give me an idea of what else I am going to have to invest in and where to get it after I buy SkyBuilder?


A very important question to ask because you need to know the whole picture before you plunge forward. Some courses will teach you or give you templates to actually develop a complicated app. What some do not understand is that they will have to spend another $3000-$5000 on an “outsourcer” to actually make the app for them. Others will give you some “software” to make apps but then they charge you $79 per month PER app or even a Flat Fee per APP you make! No matter the model, these costs ADD UP and certainly are not free.

The wonderful thing about SkyBuilder is that it was designed with the user (you) in mind; so it has no extra costs. With your SkyBuilder license you can build UNLIMITED APPS with no extra fee per app. The beauty is that you also own these outright. “Other companies” actually retain ownership rights to the apps so you are not actually building mobile real estate but paying someone else so they can build assets.

However, actually claiming ownership of your apps does have a small cost in that you must pay to access the App Stores. If you choose to create apps for the Apple AppStore…they will charge you $99 per year to maintain your AppStore account. If you choose to go with the Android store (Google Play) then it is a $25 for a lifetime – payable to Google.

What business models are available?

Question: Can you tell me again about the different business models I can use with SkyBuilder?


There are 2 main business models using SkyBuilder with an extra 3rd one that will unlock at a certain point.

Method 1 – SkyBuilder SMB – This is so simple it hurts. You simply approach a local or web-based business and offer to build them a mobile app. In fact using SkyBuilder is so fast and easy that you can actually build the App for them first (to demo) and then sell it to them afterwards. You can either charge a flat rate of $XXX-$XXXX or (since you own the App) even get them paying you $XXX a month to maintain their app for them. What is great about this is that most of the time you still maintain legal ownership of the App. Many people have found success with this method and all of the sales methods for the SMB model are discussed in detail in the SkyBuilder training.

Method 2 – SkyBuilder Cloud – Equally lucrative and appealing to people who just don’t want to deal with selling to small businesses. The SkyBuilder Cloud model involves using Keyword Genesis to do in-App “niche” research to find underdeveloped niches with lots of searches and very few apps. What you do then is put up an App with SkyBuilder and generally allow it to be downloaded for free. (You can charge if you want as well, but testing shows that we actually earn more money by giving away for free).

Skybuilder integrated with up to 10 different mobile ad networks including Google AdMob. Also, since you have UNLIMITED Push notifications with your SkyBuilder license, you can “push” notices towards promotions of your own or outside CPA offers.

Method 3 – Virtual Real Estate – Since with your SkyBuilder License you actually OWN all of your own apps…you can build a significant portfolio of Mobile Apps and then sell your business. This is more of a long-term strategy, but it does offer a goal and a significant forecast to work towards.

Can I build a game like Angry Birds?

Do I need to own a smartphone?

Do I need to use a Mac computer?

Will SkyBuilder work in Countries other than the USA?

Question: Will SkyBuilder Work in countries other than the USA and Languages other than English, specifically regarding the Local Business Model?


Great question. You can customize the text of the tabs and buttons within SkyBuilder to any Roman language (so, no Japanese for example). When creating your app, you simply change these key navigation aspects to your language. In addition, the content you put in the Apps is created by you so it can be in your own language and targeted to you.

Regarding the Local business aspect: Currently Local News works via either a keyword or Geo-targeting the user. The Geo Targeting works in almost all countries for local news or you can just put in the name of a city, hard-coded and it will always pull news based on that keyword you inputted. Other aspects work fine as they are tied into the native maps and location based functions of your phone. The only feature not working outside the USA is the localized Daily deals which you can work around by getting the feed code (all will have them) from your local daily deals provider and pasting it into the WYSIWYG editor, thus creating the same net effect with simply one extra step :-) So, the blanket answer is “Yes, SkyBuilder works for all countries.”

Do I need a website and where are the Apps hosted?

Question: Do I need my own website for this? Where are the “Apps” Hosted?


The Apps are hosted on the Apple “AppStore” or the Google Play Store, so you do not need your own website to use SkyBuilder. However, for those that do own existing websites, with your SkyBuilder license you will be given access to the premium WordPress plugin WPSky that, when enabled will, among other things, drive mobile visitors of your website to your app – hence leveraging your existing website traffic to increase your App downloads.

In addition, with your license of SkyBuilder you will be given access to the complete WordPressSkyTheme Premium. This is an originally designed and optimized from the ground up WordPress theme that will specifically draw and drive more traffic to your mobile app.

So the answer is “no” – you don’t need a website; you can do just fine without one. However…with the provided tools you may want to consider using web-promotion as part of your SkyBuilding toolkit.

Will I have trouble getting App approval in the App Store?

Question: I have heard that sometimes people have trouble getting approved in the AppStore. Will this be a problem for me?


The short answer is it will not be a problem if you follow the directions. The AppStore is somewhat selective about which apps it approves as they must meet certain criteria. If you follow the SkyBuilder training methods and build apps with good, polished content and follow our submission methods…there is generally no problem getting approved. However, be warned that SkyBuilder is just a tool; and like all tools if you use it in a careless way, then the apps created will not be approved. If you follow the instructions in the SkyTrainers section, then getting your apps approved should not be an issue.

How is SkyBuilder different than other services?

Question: I heard about XXXXX offering a similar service to build apps. How is SkyBuilder different?


There are numerous “App Makers” out there on the market. Some “claim” to be free, while others claim to offer “unlimited” apps, a few others just have a fancy logo and openly gouge you on price. The reality is that if you do a direct feature comparison on what sort of apps SkyBuilder and its “competitors” can produce, you will find that generally SkyBuilder has all of the features of the other ones, plus a few more that you can see on the Features page. We studied all of the competitors and made sure that therei is nothing lacking in Skybuilder.

Even more importantly, SkyBuilder is offering what we call TRUE UNLIMITED Apps. Meaning that with your SkyBuilder License you get to create as many apps as you like with your license with no extra ‘per app’ charge. Make as many as you like. Do whatever you like with them. No Extra charges. Period.

Do I own the Apps that I build with SkyBuilder?

Question: I have heard that some of these services don’t let you own your apps. Will I own my Apps with SkyBuilder?


ABSOLUTELY YES, you maintain 100% legal ownership of all your apps with SkyBuilder. Before we expand let me tell you a short story. A good friend and fellow software developer started experimenting with Mobile Apps last year. At the time there was a certain service that for $79 a month would let you build ONE APP. Yes…$79 for one app, which is crazy expensive by today’s standards. Well, what happened is he built the App using their system and they submitted it to the AppStore for him. Because he is a clever marketer and knows how to do proper App Niche research, it wasn’t long before his App was earning $500 a day in revenue. Not bad.

However what happened next was a major wake-up call for his business. In reading the fine print he realized that he idid not own this app. Rather, the company that he was paying $79 a month to maintained legal ownership of this app! In theory at any moment they could simply “take over” and take his $500 a day and he would have no recourse. Fortunately, they haven’t done that (yet); but they did something almost as bad.

They actually made a direct copy of his App…just changing a few things around and took over his top position on the AppStore. Suddenly, his income dropped dramatically. When he confronted them about it, they admitted to copying him and told him to read the terms of service. Ugghh.

So again, the answer is that with SkyBuilder you maintain 100% complete legal ownership and control of your App. This is IMPERATIVE because down the road you are going to want to sell your Apps and your app business for x18 the monthly income. You need to own it in order to sell it.

Can SkyBuilder copy my successful App?

Question:OK I understand that I need to OWN my app…but what is to stop SkyBuilder from copying my app like that other “company” did?


Rest assured, we will NEVER do that. The technical answer is that because the other companies maintain legal ownership and actually submit the Apps through their own AppStore account they can actually see the stats on which app is popular and then reverse engineer from there. With SkyBuilder…all we do is Build the Apps and offer you assistance when and if you need it. So at the end of the day you still own your App. Hence only you can know the actual statistics from the AppStore because it is your account. In theory we could go and research on the AppStore and find a popular app and maybe figure out it is a SkyBuilder app. But by that method we are no different than anybody else doing research on the AppStore.

That said, from a moral and business standpoint…we have better things to do than copy your apps. These sort of things tend to catch up with you and we are more concerned with our long-term business prospects and corporate reputation than trying to make some quick buck. We are here to stay and the customer is always #1.

Is SkyBuilder a 'Business Opportunity' or 'Get Rich Quick' scheme?

Question: I need to use SkyBuilder to make money in the next 48 hours. Is this possible?


SkyBuilder is not a “Business Opportunity” nor a “get rich quick” scheme. It is software toolkit that generates Mobile apps according to your certain criteria. We can recommend some techniques that others have followed to get started quickly and these are covered in the 4 Hour Cash Balloon. We have seen many find MASSIVE success by following this guide, however as with all online businesses, ultimately you are responsible for your own success which depends upon a number of factors including proper plan, ability and commitment. More on this within The 4 Hour Cash Balloon Quick Start Guide.

How can I acquire my SkyBuilder License?

Question: I know this is going to work for me and I am sold. Please tell me how I can acquire my exclusive license of SkyBuilder?


If you want to secure your license of SkyBuilder, then you need to act now to claim your license as terms of sale may change and we may not be able to offer you the same opportunity you are now seeing.

Can I buy a SkyBuilder License at any time?

Question: I know I want SkyBuilder but maybe not today. Can I come back and get it later?


See the above question. The bottom line is that if you want to get in on your exclusive license of SkyBuilder, then it is recommended that you make your decision right now or else the terms may change and your will not be able to access the same offer.

Do you offer any type of guarantee for SkyBuilder?

Question: OK, I am going to get my SkyBuilder but I still have my doubts. Is there any sort of Guarantee so I can try it out?


Yes, we make it easy and a no-brainier for you. If it is not your cup of tea, then just cancel and we are done. If you decide to stay then SkyBuilder will bill at the special rate we have secured for you. In addition to all of this, we offer a 100% unconditional 30-Day money back guarantee. This means that for whatever reason (or no reason – you don’t need to give us one) you would like a refund…just contact our support desk within 30 days of purchase and your refund will be issued no-quibble/no hassle. We want you to leave us satisfied whether you are our customer or not. We are in the business of pleasing and only want to work with those people that want to work with us.

Which license option is best for me? Yearly or monthly?

Question: I see there is a monthly or a yearly option. Which one should I choose?


Obviously we are here for the long run and want our customers to be with as well, so we have applied a deep discount for select customers that choose to sign up for a yearly license. If you can make the stretch we recommend you get the yearly license, as you will save over %64 during the course of the year over getting the monthly license.

Can I try monthly at first and then switch to a yearly License later?

Question: Can I get the monthly now and upgrade to the yearly license later?


In theory yes. However, your upgrade will not be pro-rated and we are planning on raising prices very shortly; you will have to upgrade at the increased rate. The great thing about getting locked in at the low yearly rate is that later when we raise prices, you will still be “grandfathered” in at the original price that you joined with.

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