SkyBuilder Premium Features


You can create and own as many Apps as you like with no per app charge or maintenance fees. Plus you retain 100% ownership of your app unlike the other guys.

The Most AD Networks & More AD Platforms

This is a proven and highly valuable tool that SkyBuilder clients can use to create added value and added income to their free niche apps.


With our submission wizard, you can submit your app to the AppStore without even owning a Mac computer. It will even set up your Apple profile with just a few clicks!


Create multi-layered apps with rich content for Local Clients as well as engaging niche Apps that users will keep on their phones forever.Proven to increase retention by 20%!


With SkyBuilder you get the complete business toolkit in one. We have upgraded our Push Notification system so you can now send unlimited push notifications.


Offer your business clients an optional separate whitelabel interface to manage their own push notifications and QR Coupons, reducing your workload while increasing income.

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Create a Consistent Income Stream With Niche Apps

Your SkyBuilder License gives you access to a little-known community and methods of Niche app creation like in the early days of the World Wide Web where there was little competition.

You can create Apps targeted around micro-niches providing information and "info-tainment" on popular topics; monetize your SkyBuilder Apps via AdMob or 9 other advertising networks; or even use the built-in push notification feature to promote whatever relative, targeted offer you prefer. SkyBuilder gives you the tools and freedom to develop your niche-app empire. The rest is up to you.

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Produce Profitable Apps For Small Business Clients

With SkyBuilder you can create apps for your own small business or start your own Local Business services company and resell apps to businesses at premium rates.

With inbuilt features such as push notifications, Localized GPS Coupons and QR Reader discounts, and white-label dashboards local businesses are finding massive value from integrating SkyBuilder apps into their marketing strategy. As a SkyBuilder license holder, you can make and resell as many apps as you like for no additional cost per app.

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SkyBuilder Allows You to Build Fully Functional Apps in as Little as 12 Minutes

Choose Your

2 minutes

Pick & customize your
template and cover

7 minutes

Select and modify your modules (up to 100 choices)

5 minutes

Click Go

How Does SkyBuilder Compare to Other Options?

Apps Limit

Limits the number of Apps that you can create per account.

Unlimited Apps, you create as many as you like with your SkyBuilder License.

App Monthly Fee

Charge you $39 / $79 / $99 / $199 per month per App.

No charge per app, ever - make as many as you want with your SkyBuilder License.

Submission Charges

Charges for every App you submit to the App Store or Marketplace.

No charge per submission and you can use the App Store Submission Wizard to submit apps even if you don't own a mac.


Read the fine print, you don't actually own the Apps that YOU create!

With SkyBuilder you always maintain 100% legal ownership of your apps. You can also sell or give away your apps.


Allows up to 14 day money back guarantee or makes you jump through hoops to get your money back.

Offers a liberal 30-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Try Skybuilder for 30 days! If it is not for you, just let our accounting department know. It is as simple as that.

App Options

Limited themes and/or templates with a cookie-cutter look and feel

Myriad customizable modules with customizable themes to create your own look and feel . Upload your own unique splash screens and graphics, choose from dozens of social, business, multi-layered and app tools that make your app unique.

Skybuilder is the best platform ever.
What other platform lets you submit apps to all Major App Stores Amazon, Android, iTunes, Windows 8 Phone, Firefox and multiple monetizing options? ... No need to second guess on this. Well worth the investment.

Christopher Wilson

Mobile App Mogul, LLC.

I have to say that this software is simple and easy to use and requires NO code writing or outsourcing. If you can use a mouse you can develop apps. The software training material is easy to understand and the support team is very easy to reach.

Mike McDonough

Retired Military

I don't have a problem this time, but I wanted to say that today was a year ago that a joined SB. And I just want to thank you for all the help and support you gave me the past year. I really appreciate this. I know I have asked some stupid questions (and i will probably in the near future) but you made me understand them all. About 16 months ago I sold my bar here in Holland and now I am making and selling apps, and thanks to you it is a success, and its getting better. Thanks for everything and I hope we keep doing business for a long time.

Bart Rusch

I have been using SkyBuilder for the past couple of weeks. During this time I've realizes that SkyBuilder is more than just a powerful tool for building mobile apps. It's actually the foundation for an entire 5 or 6 figure online business.

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